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Results 2013

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We were all blessed with the best swimming conditions I can remember for this event. The wind was non-existent, the water calm and visibility excellent. The pleasant water temperature meant everyone was relaxed and enjoying a leisurely breakfast with no stampede to get hot drinks. Those who did wear wetsuits did so as preparation for other events.

This year saw a larger field of female swimmers in the 5km event, outnumbering the men on this occasion. The race was won comfortably by Haydn Valle in 1:15:25. Second and third place getters in the U50 males had to battle to the line with Corey Dimmer 2 seconds ahead of Rui De Sousa in 1:17:40. The Women’s U50 division was won comfortably by Nicola Johnstone in 1:21:18, 10 minutes clear of the rest of the field. Mark Wieland, M50-59, had a very good swim winning his age group but also second outright in the 5km swim.

We had a strong field of women 50-59 won by Anne Smyth in 1:29:01. Our only swimmer over 60 in the 5km event was Pauline English, winning her category in 2:00:30

In the 2.5km event we had 2 standout swims by Guy Jones and Brooke James, both winning their respective U50 divisions by large margins in times of 37.17 and 37.34 respectively. Alex Gossman was first M50-59 in 42.22 which was also the 3rd fastest non-wetsuit time in the 2.5km swim.

All the age group winners are worthy of mention but to keep this report brief please check the results and see what you need to aspire to win your age group.

In the 500m event we had a surprised and pleased winner in Wayne Miller in 8:00. This event has traditionally benn won by swimmers often U13 or not much older. This year the more mature swimmers got a look in and enjoyed some medals.

Thankyou to everyone who took part this year. Once again we were assisted by the Canberra Canoe Club in watching for the swimmers safety on the water, and I was assisted by my friends in the Sri Chinmoy Races team to make this event possible.

Full results are published, and also a photo gallery.

Stay happy and fit. See you next year.


Race director