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A 5-race series at popular Sydney running venues

Upcoming races

Race 1: 9 September
2018 Series, race 6: Mirambeena 16km, 8km & 2 miles
Race 2: 16 December
2018 Series, race 7: Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km
Race 3: 8 December
2019 Series, race 6: Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km
Race 4: 6 December
Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km
Race 5: 5 April
Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Half-Marathon, 7km & 4km cross-country

About the event

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team present a series of 5 events at popular running venues around Sydney throughout the year, for your fitness, enjoyment and self-transcendence.



Each event features 3 distances:

* Short (4km or 5km)
* Medium (7km – 10km)
* Longer (14km – Half-Marathon)

In addition, at the Royal National Park event in May, a full Marathon (42.2km) is offered. All races start in waves.

Awards are presented in the following categories:

Short Distance (4km or 5km)
Boys and Girls Under 13, 1st to 3rd
Boys and Girls Under 17, 1st to 3rd
Male and Female 17 and Over, 1st to 3rd

Middle (7km or 10km), Longer Distance (14km or Half-Marathon) and Marathon (42.2km)
Male and Female Under 50, 1st to 7th
Male and Female 50-59, 1st to 3rd
Male and Female 60-69, 1st to 2nd
Male and Female 70 and Over, 1st


Short (4km – 5km)

    • 8am
    • $21 online until 5pm Friday prior

Middle (7km – 10km)

    • 8am
    • $26 online until 5pm Friday prior

Longer (Half-Marathon)

    • 7.30am
    • $31 online until 5pm Friday prior

Marathon (Royal National Park only)

    • 7am
    • $47 online only


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071 327
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Upcoming Races

Race 1: 9 September

2018 Series, race 6: Mirambeena 16km, 8km & 2 miles

If you’re aiming for the Sydney Marathon later in the month, this is the perfect tune-up race. We head to one of the most beautiful courses you will find anywhere: the secluded haven of Mirambeena Regional Reserve in Georges Hall, with options of 16km, 8km and 2 miles (3.2km). This challenging and satisfying course wends its way through natural bushland adjoining Prospect Creek and the Georges River, with a few decent hills for good measure.  You will certainly enjoy your morning in this delightful neck of the woods!

Park off Beatty Parade, which is off Henry Lawson Drive, at the southern end of Mirambeena Regional Reserve. On-the-day registration opens at 6.45 am and closes at 7.55 am, with races starting from 8 am.

Enter online for this race only, or for the remainder of the 2018 Series.

16km, 8km & 2 miles View course map »
Race 2: 16 December

2018 Series, race 7: Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km

The Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series' Christmas Run and Finale for 2018. Celebrate in the best way possible: running in the company of friends, colleagues and rivals and then feasting on a bonanza pancake smorgasbord!

Park at the end of Glover St, Lilyfield. On-the-day registration opens at 6.45 am and closes at 7.55 am, with races starting from 8 am.

Enter online for this race only.

14km & 7km View course map »
Race 3: 8 December

2019 Series, race 6: Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km

The Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series' traditional Christmas Run and Finale for 2019. Celebrate in the best way possible: running in the company of friends, colleagues and rivals and then feasting on a bonanza pancake smorgasbord!

Park at the end of Glover St, Lilyfield. On-the-day registration opens at 6.45 am and closes at 7.55 am, with races starting from 8 am.

Enter online for this race only.

14km & 7km View course map »
Race 4: 6 December

Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km




Iron Cove has hosted Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team events since the 1980s, so it appropriate to conclude another season's races at this famed locale. There's every good reason why this is such a favourite venue for running – the central location, the lapping water close at hand, the views, the smooth flat surface, the camaraderie. End the Series in style with our annual Christmas Run!

Park towards the bottom end of Glover St, Lilyfield.

Enter online.

Race 5: 5 April

Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Half-Marathon, 7km & 4km cross-country

Opening the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series in 2021, step out onto the beautiful tracks and fields of Centennial Park for a scenic Half-Marathon, a 1-lap 7km or 4km options for a cross-country race in the heart of the city. See why this is the most popular venue for Sri Chinmoy Races in Sydney.

The start & finish area is alongside the McKay Sports Ground, near the Robertson Rd Gates entrance to Centennial Park. Park anywhere along Grand Drive.

Start times for this event:
* 7.30am: Half-Marathon
* 8am: 7km
* 8.05am: 4km

Enter online for this race: REGULAR ENTRY until 5pm, Friday 2 April. LATE ENTRY (for a higher fee) until 7am, Monday 5 April (race morning).

Follow "Live" results – provisional for now.

Half-Marathon & 7km View course map »
Race 6: 2 May

Sri Chinmoy Royal National Park MARATHON, Half-Marathon, 10km & 5km Trail Runs

The Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series goes bush, to the sublime Royal National Park south of the city. Immerse yourself in pristine forest on a lovely trail run. Because you’ll want to enjoy this magical realm to the max, a full MARATHON joins the Half-Marathon, 10km and 5km for a full suite of classic distances.

Parking is near Willow Tree Flat, past Audley. National Park admission fee of $12 per vehicle applies. Alternatively, take our shuttle van from Loftus Station for $10 return, departing regularly from 6.30am.

On-the-day registration opens at 6.30am and closes at 7.55am. The MARATHON starts at 7am, with other distances starting from 8am.


MARATHON & Half-Marathon View course map »
10km & 5km View course map »
Race 7: 13 June

Sri Chinmoy Iron Cove Half-Marathon, 7km & 4km

Even if you’ve raced this course many times before, there’s always a buzz about the Iron Cove events with such a great crowd all gathered for the same purpose: sheer enjoyment!

Park at the end of Glover St, Lilyfield. On-the-day registration opens 30 minutes prior to your wave start time, which will be advised by email prior to the race (between 7.30am and 8.30am).

Enter online for this race only. Sorry, at this time there are NO entries on the day.

Half-Marathon View course map »
Race 8: 11 July

Sri Chinmoy Dolls Point Half-Marathon, 10km & 5km

A suite of classic road race distances: 5km, 10km and a Half-Marathon make this annual event a true festival of running. The courses are scenic loops – flat for the most part, with a challenging rise over the spectacular Captain Cook Bridge crossing the Georges River. Relax post-race and enjoy the happy ambience of Peter Depena Reserve, alongside Botany Bay.

Park off Russell Ave, Dolls Point. There is no on-the-day entry. Race number bib collection commences 30 minutes prior to your wave start. Wave start times will be advised by email by Saturday 10 July.

Online entry for this event will open at 8am on Tuesday 11 May.

Half-Marathon, 10km & 5km View course map »

Series Pointscore Championship (NOT IN 2021)

NEW IN 2021

Points will be awarded and accrued for all age groups in the Middle and Longer distance events of all races of the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series in 2021, as follows:

1st place in age group: 10 points
2nd place in age group: 9 points
3rd place in age group: 8 points
4th place in age group: 7 points
5th place in age group: 6 points
6th place in age group: 5 points
7th place in age group: 4 points
8th place in age group: 3 points
9th place in age group: 2 points
10th place in age group: 1 point

All entrants in all Middle and Longer distance races at all events of the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series will automatically be included in the pointscore competition.

Points awarded for Longer and Middle distance races are of equal value, and accrue to a runner's personal series pointscore tally, regardless of whether they are earned from a Middle or Longer distance race.

Age group placings in the Marathon at Royal National Park (race 2) are awarded DOUBLE POINTS.

There are no points awarded for age group placings in the Short distance races.

To ensure that all runners remain in the same age category for the entire Series, a runner's age category is calculated from their age on 31 December at the end of the current series.

PRIZES will be awarded for the Series Pointscore Championship at the conclusion of the final event, to the TOP 3 placegetters in each age category.

Every runner's progressive season pointscore tally will be published here within 24 hours after the conclusion of each Series event.

Course records

Iron Cove

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Josh O'Connell 14:16 25/2/2018 Sarah Playford 16:00 10/6/2012
4 km Under 17 Jarrod Biczo 13:46 10/6/2012 Caitlin Bickerton 16:18 27/2/2011
4 km 17 and Over Neill Robbie 12:36 16/12/2012 Belinda Dent 16:02 28/3/2010
7 km Under 50 Jake Stollery 22:58 20/10/2013 Lauren Hamilton 25:06 24/5/2015
7 km 50 - 59 Richard Sarkies 25:24 11/9/2016 Raewyn Harlock 29:18 16/12/2012
7 km 60 - 69 Kieron Blackmore 28:26 18/12/2016 Kate Rowe 33:54 20/10/2013
7 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 32:06 11/9/2016      
14 km Under 50 Oliver Cashman 48:40 6/12/2020 Sandi Rabie 57:10 10/3/2013
14 km 50 - 59 David Riches 51:43 13/12/2015 Raewyn Harlock 56:25 15/12/2013
14 km 60 - 69 Bill Lonsdale 1:01:15 10/6/2012 Mary Sheehan 1:10:14 17/12/2017
14 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 1:06:55 18/12/16 Anne Elizabeth Boyd 1:38:00 8/12/2019
Half-Marathon Under 50 Anthony Farrugia 1:13:20 14/10/2012 Elizabeth Pittaway 1:25:53 18/10/2015
Half-Marathon 50 - 59 Philip Balnave 1:20:47 9/6/2019 Raewyn Harlock 1:28:57 14/10/2012
Half-Marathon 60 - 69 Gary Dalton 1:27:29 24/5/2015 Mary Sheehan 1:50:05 10/6/2018
Half-Marathon 70 and Over Dennis Van Wyk 2:05:54 11/9/2016      


Centennial Park

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Oliver White 14:14 2/4/2018 Taylor Porter 15:28 9/6/2013
4 km Under 17 Max Russell 12:59 5/4/2021 Natasha Ward 14:32 18/10/2020
4 km 17 and Over Ali Najem 12:40 5/4/2021 Lisa Biffin 15:09 6/4/2015
7 km Under 50 Edward Fernon 23:16 1/4/2013 Lucy Starrat 25:27 24/3/2008
7 km 50 - 59 Richard Sarkies 25:48 23/10/2016 Louise Arnott 29:41 26/6/2017
7 km 60 - 69 Witold Krajewski 28:47 11/9/2011 Kate Rowe 34:54 9/6/2013
7 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 32:14 12/6/2016 Kerry Bray 41:01 21/4/2014
14 km Under 50 Ross Johnson 48:12 11/12/2011 Laura James 57:24 25/11/2012
14 km 50 - 59 Keith Bateman 50:58 23/2/2014 Raewyn Harlock 1:01:53 11/12/2011
14 km 60 - 69 Gary Dalton 59:42 22/2/2015 Mary Sheehan 1:13:33 22/10/2017
14 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 1:10:06 22/10/2017 Anne Elizabeth Boyd 1:40:35 18/10/2020
Half-Marathon Under 50 Matthew Cox 1:08:46 7/6/2015 Rebecca Brown 1:21:20 18/10/2020
Half-Marathon 50 - 59 Keith Bateman 1:16:21 29/7/2012 Raewyn Harlock 1:33:24 25/3/2012
Half-Marathon 60 - 69 Victor Correa 1:30:51 28/3/2016 Helen Stanger 1:44:05 25/3/2012
Half-Marathon 70 and Over David Iverach 1:47:06 18/10/2020      


Dolls Point

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
5 km Under 13 Jack Porter 19:25 10/7/2011 Alexandra Field 18:26 15/7/2018
5 km Under 17 Blake Lampert 17:20 8/7/2012 Taylor Porter 19:49 12/7/2015
5 km 17 and Over Jake Stollery 15:51 14/7/2013 Fiona Reid 18:09 11/7/2010
10 km Under 50 Robbie Neill 33:28 10/7/2011 Noni Cooper 37:52 13/7/2014
10 km 50 - 59 Ian Cameron 37:10 8/7/2012 Sharon Lane 46:24 8/7/2012
10 km 60 - 69 Witold Krajewski 41:01 10/7/2011 Helen Stanger 46:55 10/7/2011
10 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 49:59 15/7/2018 Kerry Bray 58:41 13/7/2014
Half-Marathon Under 50 Ben Bell 1:13:06 13/7/2014 Magda Karimali-Poulos 1:22:21 12/7/2009
Half-Marathon 50 - 59 David Riches 1:20:16 8/7/2012 Catherine Davenport 1:46:21 14/7/2013
Half-Marathon 60 - 69 Victor Correa 1:32:01 15/7/2018 Mary Sheehan 1:48:00 16/7/2017
Half-Marathon 70 and Over Arthur Huxtable 1:57:49 16/7/2017 Brigid Quinn 1:55:14 14/7/2014
Marathon Under 50 Danny Burgess 2:41:08 13/7/2014 Natasha Hjerrild 3:31:30 12/7/2015
Marathon 50 - 59 Glenn Gielissen 3:14:46 12/7/2015 Anne Newman 3:51:03 13/7/2014
Marathon 60 - 69 Ray James 3:28:48 13/7/2014      
Marathon 70 and Over            


Royal National Park

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
5 km Under 13 Marc Mardini 23:36 4/5/2014 Isabella Mardini 23:21 4/5/2014
5 km Under 17 Marc Mardini 20:33 7/5/2017 Isabella Mardini 23:36 6/5/2018
5 km 17 and Over Keith Bateman 17:13 4/5/2014 Heidi Jones 21:14 4/5/2014
10 km Under 50 James Hauptmann 36:39 7/5/2017 Amy Carrad 41:00 1/5/2016
10 km 50 - 59 Matt Sheather 41:40 5/5/2019 Cathy Davenport 51:16 3/5/2015
10 km 60 - 69 Christopher Bowern 46:43 12/10/2014 Mary Sheehan 51:23 7/5/2017
10 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 49:31 7/5/2017 Jan Pender 1:09:48 6/5/2018
Half-Marathon Under 50 Jake Stollery 1:19:02 4/5/2014 Sally Towse 1:31:48 7/5/2017
Half-Marathon 50 - 59 Philip Balnave 1:25:55 6/5/2018 Raewyn Harlock 1:41:03 5/5/2019
Half-Marathon 60 - 69 Craig Saphin 1:35:07 5/5/2019 Cath Davenport 1:52:55 6/5/2018
Half-Marathon 70 and Over Rod Rainey 1:58:12 6/5/2018      
Marathon Under 50 Ian Gallagher 2:47:16 4/5/2014 Jess Baker 3:28:02 5/5/2019
Marathon 50 - 59 Philip Balnave 3:01:56 7/5/2017 Christine Keers 3:57:09 6/5/2018
Marathon 60 - 69 Victor Correa 3:24:58 1/5/2016      
Marathon 70 and Over Ray James 5:28:57 5/5/2019      



Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
2 miles Under 13 Max Jameson 13:18 12/6/2011 Taylor Porter 12:32 3/8/2014
2 miles Under 17 Benjamin Moss 12:03 12/6/2011 Julieann Tully 16:09 26/2/2017
2 miles 17 and Over Eddie Kumsuv 11:36 19/2/2012 Kathy Clarke 16:08 19/2/2012
8 km Under 50 Jonathan Heron 30:05 23/5/2010 Isabelle Crouche 31:38 19/2/2012
8 km 50 - 59 Frank Zeichner 30:36 23/5/2010 Hollee James 39:22 9/9/2018
8 km 60 - 69 Kieron Blackmore 33:12 26/2/2017 Gina Jessop 44:47 26/2/2017
8 km 70 and Over David Iverarch 39:29 9/9/2018      
16 km Under 50 Ross Johnson 55:59 19/2/2012 Louise Noble 1:04:38 26/2/2017
16 km 50 - 59 Philip Balnave 1:01:54 9/9/2018 Tracey O'Donnell 1:25:03 26/2/2017
16 km 60 - 69 Dave Byrnes 1:08:26 12/6/2011 Helen Stanger 1:19:06 19/2/2012
16 km 70 and Over            


Cooks River

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Hayden Brown 16:01 27/11/2011 Maddison Zahra 19:53 12/9/2010
4 km Under 17 Brad Fraser 14:59 21/6/2009 Maddison Zahra 19:00 27/11/2011
4 km 17 and Over Shaun Hardy 14:49 27/11/2011 Courtney Sanford 15:17 27/11/2011
8 km Under 50 Victor Correa 29:16 27/11/2011 Natalie Malligan 33:29 6/5/2012
8 km 50 - 59 Keith Bateman 27:15 27/11/2011 Pennie Psaltis 39:53 21/6/2009
8 km 60 - 69 Rob Connolley 34:24 21/6/2009 Jo Rickards 41:53 12/9/2010
8 km 70 and Over Edward McMaster 57:40 6/5/2012      
16 km Under 50 Pete Conway 57:37 12/9/2010 Kathryn Parkinson 1:07:18 21/6/2009
16 km 50 - 59 Jicton Correa 1:05:12 6/5/2012 Raewyn Harlock 1:06:57 6/5/2012
16 km 60 - 69 Witold Krajewski 1:08:45 27/11/2011 Merridy O'Donnell 1:29:02 6/5/2012
16 km 70 and Over            


Prospect Creek

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
6 km Under 13 Hayden Brown 26:01 31/7/2011 Sianna Steele 26:46 9/9/2012
6 km Under 17 Will Chaffey 23:35 3/8/2008 Audrey Trenear-Hall 26:31 3/8/2008
6 km 17 and Over Adam Horder 22:08 31/7/2011 Eileen Cantwell 25:09 9/9/2012
12 km Under 50 Lee Cook 42:19 31/7/2011 Lorna White 51:03 31/7/2011
12 km 50 - 59 David Riches 45:49 31/7/2011 Merridy O'Donnell 1:05:19 31/7/2011
12 km 60 - 69 Brian Radburn 53:14 9/9/2012 Renee Reynolds 1:12:18 31/7/2011
12 km 70 and Over            
24 km Under 50 Brendan Davies 1:28:02 9/9/2012 Athene Chariot 1:46:02 31/7/2011
24 km 50 - 59 John Dawlings 1:47:06 31/7/2011 Annie Tobey 2:15:57 9/9/2012
24 km 60 - 69 Sid Astbury 2:05:02 31/7/2011      
24 km 70 and Over            


Previous Results

  • 2021 Apr 5th
    Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Half-Marathon, 7km & 4km cross-country runs, Monday 5 April 2021

    Being the shortest distance and smallest field, and catering primarily for kids and newbies, we don’t usually start a race report with coverage of the 4km event. Today we do!

    The all-comers course record for the Sri Chinmoy 4km loop at Centennial Park was set on Easter Monday in 2013 by Ali Najem, and stood unthreatened for 8 years – until today, when it was lowered by a full 8 seconds in a head-turning display of style and speed  – by Ali Najem. His new best time, 12:40. Thank you Ali, for the inspiration and sheer joy you bring through the passion, power and grace of your running!

    Ali was not the only super-fast runner burning up the grass today, as he was chased by a flying Max Russell – whose awesome 12:59 set a new record for the Male Under 17 category – with Brady McIntyre also streets ahead of the rest of the field in 13:08.

    Natasha Ward was next runner home, winning the Girls Under 17 in the process with an impressive 14:48. Tahli Weigand took out the Girls Under 13 with a well-below-4-minute-pace run of 15:45; and Natalie Malligan the Female 17 and Over with 17:18. Evan Rowbotham meanwhile won the Boys Under 13 in 15:11.

    Usually one expects the early finishers in these races to be populated by the Male Under 50 category, yet the big story of today’s 7km one-lap race saw 3 of the top 5 placings upsetting this dominant paradigm. Yes, Nic Bailey won the race outright from the MU50s with his accustomed sleek style in 26:27 – yet next home was a flying Ella Higgins, taking out the women’s race and 2nd outright with a fantastic 26:39, a mere 12 seconds adrift of Nic. Ella barely held off the charge of Alan Wheat, 1st in the Male 50-59 and 3rd outright, winning his category in 26:42. Shaun Malligan got one back for the MU50 for 4th outright with 25:56, before Audrey Hall flew across the line next in 27:33. 3rd placed Female Under 50 was Amber Kusano with 32:45; with the same trophy in the Male Under 50 claimed by Joe Park (27:53).

    Zoe Melling took out the Female 50-59 category with 33:27, from Kathleen Wallington’s 34:00 and Rosheen Boyle’s 34:47. Visiting legend Belinda Soszyn – who was also timing and producing results for the entire event with husband Greg D’Arcy – showed her ageless pedigree in winning the Female 60-69 with 35:44, from Rita Webster (39:11) and Sylvia Nichols (41:43); while Anne Elizabeth Boyd came home 1st in the Female 70 and Over with an impressive 50:43.

    2nd in the Male 50-59 was Shane Maundrell with 32:22, from Aaron Francey’s 33:12; while Craig Saphin took out the Male 60-69 in 33:23, from Chris Webster with 36:51 and Marc Jarman in 39:28.

    The advantage of the loop course is that spectators – while not seeing the entire race unfold – are at least treated to regular snapshots of the action, observing the entire field passing by 6 times in the course of the Half-Marathon. So it was that the excitement and anticipation built through the race as Gerber Koster was shadowed by Stuart Rennie through most of the distance. Who would make their move and how would the other respond? As it turns out, Gerber eased away over the final mile, to claim victory in 1:19:39 from Stuart’s 1:20:21, with John McCormack completing the podium positions with 1:24:33.

    Though a lovely day for spectators and supporters, it was nevertheless deceptively warm for running more than one lap, and most runners found their times a little slower than might have been anticipated on a cooler morning.

    Ruth Thomas was best on the day among the women, winning by a clear margin in 1:34:28, from Krista King (1:39:47) and Georgia Auchterlonie with 1:41:15. Soonchul Shin won a tight race in the Male 50-59 in 1:32:00, from a close-finishing Eddie Guo with 1:32:13 – a good distance ahead of their competition. Rob Ellis won the Male 60-69 with 1:51:51 from Gregory Leamon’s 1:57:53; while Paul Feain won the Male 70 and Over in 2:33:45. Elaine Glass earned the main prize in the Female 50-59 with 1:58:38; while Cheryl Parnham took home the trophy for 1st Female 60-69 with 2:21:29.

    Congratulations to all participants and thanks to all helpers! Our special gratitude to Belinda Soszyn and Greg D’Arcy of Multisport Australia and Sports Splits for their generosity, kindness and superb professional service.

  • 2020 Dec 6th
    Sri Chinmoy Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km Fun-Runs, Sunday 6 December 2020

    As life gradually returns to something resembling “normal”, it’s the most predictable and reliable elements of our outer existence we appreciate all the more for their core role in maintaining our happiness and stability – like running around The Bay in a Sri Chinmoy Iron Cove Fun-Run. With the June edition of this stalwart event being missed for the first time in a generation, the 6 December Christmas Run was the last and only chance to savour this familiar yet treasured joy in 2020.

    With such a popular course being run so often, it’s rare indeed for one of the Open course records to fall. Today saw a superb solo run from Oliver Cashman to break a 7-year-old mark in the Men’s 14km race, setting a new fastest time of 48:40 over the 2-lap race. Oliver ran alone the whole way, running out winner by 4 minutes clear of his nearest challenger, Gerber Koster in 52:30, who also enjoyed a large gap from 3rd placed John McCormack with 55:40. Masahito Kato (1:00:03) just edged out Eddie Guo (1:00:05) in the more closely fought Male 50-59 category; while Tetsundo Kato took out the Male 60-69 in 1:02:06; and Paul Feain the Male 70 and Over in 1:31:41.

    The women’s 14km race was a much closer contest, with the top 3 almost within touching distance at the finish. Mel Selby took the major honours in 1:00:39, from Libby Parry’s 1:00:41 and Jen Reid with 1:00:42. Tracy O’Donnell was fastest among the Female 50-59 with 1:13:44; and Kate Rowe best in the Female 60-69 in 1:22:56.

    Standout performance of the 7km race came from the fleet-of-foot Audrey Hall, whose 26:40 not only won the women’s 7km race by a minute, it also placed her 2nd outright, although with the wave starts she also took line honours. Next home came Liz Lennox in 27:39, from Eileen Cantwell with 29:23. Rosheen Boyle consolidated her standing in the Female 50-59 category with another fine win in 33:39, not far ahead of Zoe Melling’s 34:10.

    The one-lap men’s 7km race saw Christian Lotter run away a clear winner in 24:42, by 2 minutes from  Cody Mather (26:44) who also held a safe margin from 3rd placed Manuel Geier in 27:35. Veteran Felix Lievano took out the Male 50-59 in 29:08; Craig Saphin was strongest in the particularly competitive Male 60-69 field to win with his impressive 32:33; while David Iverarch duly took out the Male 70 and Over with another fine run of 34:17.

    Davor Zailac added to his many 1st-placed medals at the shorter distance, taking out the 4km race in 17:17 in a good tussle from Boys Under 17 winner, Guillermo Castro in 17:21. Ryan Reynolds was winner of the Boys Under 13 in 19:19. just ahead of his dad Baden with 19:21. Vivian Huynh won the Female 17 and Over category in 22:08, while Mia Barrett took out the Girls Under 13 with 35:44.

    Congratulations to all who ran today on a lovely Sydney morning – stay safe, happy and fit, and may we welcome each other better and brighter in the New Year!

  • 2020 Oct 18th
    Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Half-Marathon, 14km, 7km & 4km cross-country runs, Sunday 18 October 2020

    The deprivations of forced abstinence from competitive “actual” racing has had varying effects on runners. Some have gone into their shells and focussed on other pursuits; or hit their couches; or racked up dizzying miles on solo runs – while some have trained with single-minded purpose and discipline to be poised and ready – like a tautly coiled spring – to offer their transcendent best when the time would inevitably come … to race again. And when that time came – today – some were absolutely ready…

    It’s a rare occurrence that a woman wins a Half-Marathon outright, amidst a strong male field. Rebecca Brown, listed first alphabetically among the online entrants, was issued with race bib Number 1 by the timing software … automated algorithm, or auspicious prescience? Among the earliest starters, some might have assumed Rebecca would be reeled in by some later-starting, fleet-of-foot strutters, yet each lap saw her only increasing her margin at front of field. Her dazzling rendition of 1:21:20 is an all-time female course record for this event in its 13-year history. Equally incredible and inspiring was the performance on the other side of the gender divide and farther edge of the age spectrum – David Iverach’s paradigm-bending new Male Over 70s record of 1:47:06!

    Tiffany Knight followed Rebecca into 2nd placing in the Female Under 50 with a fine 1:32:17, followed by Sarah Maton’s 1:34:09; while Kim Pluess took out the Female 50-59 in 1:59:10.

    Meanwhile, John McCormack won the men’s Half-Marathon with a breezy, consistent 1:23:23; with Nathan Tucker’s 1:26:39 earning him 2nd placing, ahead of David Lynch in 1:31:01. In the Male 50-59, it was Andrew Harris setting the bar with 1:32:23, only just outpacing Jeremy Smith’s 1:32:46, with Tom Reeve filling out the podium with 1:34:08.

    With “pulse starts”, runners depart at random intervals, producing the uncertainty of not knowing exactly how one is faring against runners who might have started way ahead, or be bearing down on us from far behind. The only way to run in these circumstances is against oneself, giving it everything in the hope that will be enough to outpace one’s rivals. The final results show some incredibly close finishes, which invite speculation as to how these contests might have panned out if they had yielded real sprint finishes from a standard mass-start…

    The 14km was a late addition to the palette of distances on offer, due to the City to Surf Virtual Race being held the same day, providing the perfect opportunity to effectively race two events simultaneously. The chance was embraced by a small, yet eager gathering.

    Gerber Koster led the field in the 14km men’s contest with 50:47, ahead of Matt Dawson’s 51:22 and 51:55 from Chris Truscott – all 3 runners were spread across the field and would have had no idea of how their rivals were faring, or perhaps even who their rivals were!  Silvio de Vecchio took out the Male 50-59 with 1:07:28, from Stephen Bourke’s 1:09:36; while Tetsundo Kato was triumphant in the Male 60-69 with a fine run of 1:04:55, from Ron Schwebel’s 1:06:10.

    Laura Roderick was fastest-finishing female in the 14km, a lone star under the hour with 58:42, from Sarah Whitely’s 1:03:50, just eclipsing Sophia Anicic with 1:03:56. Catherine Bolshesolsky was too good in the Female 60-69, finishing in style with 1:09:55, from Leonie Montgomery’s offering of 1:10:46 and 1:11:45 from Roisin Boyle. Anne Elizabeth Boyd claimed the inaugural Female 70 and Over 14km record with her outstanding contribution of 1:40:35.

    In the 7km circuit, Audrey Hall ran the 2nd-swiftest overall time to win the women’s race in 27:33, with the next fastest time outright also coming from a female, Eva Laverty’s fine 28:09, while Kriszta Kovacs took 3rd in 29:49. The classy Katherine Wallington won the Female 50-59 with 34:45, from Susan MacCallum’s 37:10; while in the Female 60-69 it was the ever-reliable Sylvia Nichols again prevailing with 41:24 from an exceptionally strong group including Kathryn King (43:48) and Merridy O’Donnell (45:08).

    It was Lachlan Stanfield who stole the glory of the men’s 7km one-lap exhibition, with a blistering 24:17, wining by the proverbial country mile from Manuel Geier’s 27:33 and Ochirkhuu Nansaljav with 29:03. Michael Parker took out the Male 50-59 with 37:09, from Kieran Bowie’s 38:01; while the lightning-fast Craig Saphin stormed the Male 60-69 with 31:28, ahead of the swift Rob Ellis (34:28), and a tight race between Marc Jarman (36:26) and Brian Radburn (36:29).

    In the shorter races, the Under 17 Boys and Girls categories are sometimes under-represented, but not today! Outright race winner, Max Russell set an outstanding new Boys Under 17 record of 13:37, while 2nd-placed outright, Natasha Ward, similarly smashed the Girls Under 17 all-time course best with her outstanding 14:32. Nicky Verco was next home, taking 2nd in the BU17s with 14:43, while Grace Henry followed Natasha in their category with a classy run of 15:15.

    In the Boys Under 13, Piers Galvin took the honours through his 15:23, from Thomas Altundag’s 16:22, while in the Male 17 and Over, it was Brad Sharpe (15:56) who set the pace from Joseph Tesvic’s 17:22. Lily Cooney was best among the Girls Under 13 with 16:59, from Nancy Newton’s 17:03; while Zyra McAuliffe took out the Female 17 and Over category with 19:38, ahead of 20:55 from Rebecca Williams.

    On behalf of all runners and organisers, our deep gratitude to Greg D’Arcy and Belinda Soszyn of MultiSport Australia for their superbly professional registration and electronic timing and results service, and to the inexhaustibly cheerful Penny and Stephen Redfern, Kieron Blackmore, Eddie Oba and Rita Kazzi, along with volunteers from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team of Mongolia, Canberra and Sydney.

  • 2019 Dec 8th
    Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series 2019, race 6: Iron Cove 14km, 7km & 4km runs, Sunday 8 December 2019

    After a week of smothering smoke ominously blanketing Sydney, the rare sight of blue skies over Iron Cove drew clutches of curious sightseers, and ever-more confident walkers, bikers and dog-followers – as well as grateful runners – to the assembly area of the Finale for the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series for 2019, staged over the standard distances of 14km, 7km and 4km.

    Just as the second hand of a clock covers the same ground as the hour hand, though 60 times faster, and still they end up together at the same place – so runners completed one or two laps of the Iron Cove course this morning, while simultaneously completing the journey of an entire 6-race Series “lap”, which coincidentally had started in this same place 10 months earlier. Thus runners perfectly proclaim the human condition (over and over): we are eternal travellers and eternal transiters, coming and going and going and coming, each starting point invariably our end point, and each end point inevitably another starting point in disguise. In running as in the game of life, we don’t get to choose whether we play the role of the hour hand or the second hand, for our roles are already cast – as both. So we might as well give it our best shot, play the game with alacrity, relish every moment of the drama – and enjoy the ride with all our heart!

    Thanks to Anne Elizabeth Boyd, today’s race proved historical – for, after all these years, we now have a course record for the 14km Female Over 70 category … Anne’s time of 1:38:00 now stands in the record books as the mark for all Over 70 Females to aspire for! Meanwhile in the younger Female 60-69, Cathy Davenport proved her pedigree to win in 1:15:20 from Merridy O’Donnell’s 1:31:13; and in the Female 50-59, the classy Raewyn Harlock swept home in 1:05:46 from Jacqueline Korhonen’s 1:11:13. Among the more numerous throng of Under 50 women, Ukraine’s Tetiana Drahonchuk was the sole harbinger to break the one hour barrier in an emphatic 59:33, from Phoebe Fear with 1:04:05, and Jennifer MacDonald in 1:14:19.

    Arthur Huxtable is among the most consistent of performers among the Male 70 and Over, and again proved the one to catch in taking out the 14km in this category with 1:27:59. Kato Tetsundo meanwhile stormed into the reckoning in the Male 60-69 to win in a whirlwind 1:02:54, from Tony Roper with 1:15:22. No-one who runs at Iron Cove would be surprised to note that Philip Balnave again won the Male 50-59 category with a superb overall 4th placing in 53:56. Indeed, 4th to 6th outright placings went to the top 3 in the highly competitive Male 50-59 category, with 2nd spot taken by the flying Korean, Soonchul Shin in 55:45, and 3rd going to a flying Geoffrey Barnes with 57:07. in contrast to the leading women who were well spread out, the pointy end of the field among the Under 50 men offered great viewing to those lucky enough to get live coverage at home, with 3 fine athletes running at the top of their form. It was Oliver Cashman who took line honours after finishing the strongest of the three in a slick 49:55, with Sean Hampson next in 50:21, providing a slipstream for the enthusiastic Silva Thales from Brazil, with a courageous 50:39.

    The men’s one-lap 7km race saw a dominant run from Dominic Bullock to win in great style in 23:43, from a gallant Luke Smith with 24:25 and Michael Abawihab taking 3rd in 27:11. Brad Windon, though a late entrant, showed a clean pair of heels to take out the Male 50-59 with an impressive 28:22 from David Heazlett’s 30:55; while the irrepressible Kieron Blackmore further gilded a glowing CV to win the Male 60-69 in 29:42 from Rob Ellis in 33:20.

    Ainsley Pohljina was strongest among the women to take out the race with a gutsy 30:04, from 2nd placed Philippa Scott’s 31:28 and Natasha Hammond 3rd with 32:32. In the Female 50-59, it was Zoe Melling who ran away a clear winner in 31:48 (3rd outright among all the women!), from Hollee James’ 33:27, just shading Roisin Boyle in 33:29. Gladys Amestoy – who was later spotted running extra laps of the Bay just for fun – cruised home to take out the Female 60-69 main prize in 39:58.

    Son-and-father pairing of Simon and Joseph Tesvic were dead-heat winners of the 4km race today, and in so doing took out their respective categories of Boys Under 13 and Male 17 and Over – both with 16:22; while Izac Churchill won the Boys Under 17 with 19:16. Vivian Huynh won the Female 17 and Over in the 4km distance with 22:57; with Chloe Truong taking out the Girls Under 17s in 24:01; and Layla Sawyer the Girls Under 13s with 28:29.

    Congratulations to all who participated in the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series across the 6 events and various distances in 2019. A joyful and fulfilling Christmas and New Year season to all! We look forward to continuing together in 2020, refreshed and focussed for another season of ever-new surprises through our favourite hobby / pastime / journey / game / adventure / discovery / challenge / puzzle / education / drama / teacher / friend / confidant / battleground / lifelong unfailing love … running!