A spiritual Master and teacher of meditation, Sri Chinmoy is renowned as a writer, poet, composer, painter and athlete – a modern Renaissance Man who blended intense spiritual practice with a dynamic outer life.

An avid and successful sprinter, decathlete and soccer player in his youth in India, Sri Chinmoy took up long-distance running and tennis after moving to America.  When injuries curtailed his running career he moved into weightlifting, in which he established phenomenal records.

Spirituality in Action

For Sri Chinmoy, life is a creative expression and flowering of the soul. The physical and the spiritual are one, like the obverse and reverse of the same coin; so physical fitness and sports are the perfect complement to spiritual discipline.

Sri Chinmoy and his disciples established the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team to promote physical fitness and self-transcendence as a means to integral welbeing and personal fulfillment.