Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series1 Race Report: Centennial Park


In a weekend characterised by howling winds, deluges of rain, repeated lightning strikes, flooding and numerous severe weather warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology, it was indeed remarkable that at no stage during either the course setup or the race itself was any organiser or athlete in race 1 of the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series 2013 subjected to even a single drop of rain.

Perhaps it was the collective intrepid spirit, on a weekend where many other sporting events were cancelled, that somehow invoked the blessings of the running and weather gods?

For the organisers, it was a restless sleep leading up to the race with the shop awning of our downstairs neighbour being torn from it fixture overnight and multiple leaks appearing in the ceiling. Nightmares of bedraggled runners navigating a flooded and debris-laden course, constantly confused by wind-tossed marker arrows pointing in the wrong direction played upon our minds. Myriad contingency plans were conceived during these sleepless hours to combat the impending disaster with the prospect of soggy pancakes seeming overwhelmingly likely. In the midst of all this any suggestion of the smooth, streamlined event that ultimately transpired, would have seemed quite unrealistic if not utterly delusional.

And yet there we were only hours later, enjoying the delights of Centennial Park as athletes young and old raced distances of 14km, 7km and 4km with nothing more than a few easily navigable puddles to slow them down. Well before the race was underway the howling winds of the previous night had died down and the rain completely disappeared. Yet, most importantly, upon completion of their respective events each athlete was greeted with a pancake that was warm and fluffy!

There were many notable achievements on the day. Full results are published andalso a photo album. We look forward to seeing you all in two weeks' time for 14km, 7km or 4km on the picturesque waterfront circuit of Iron Cove. Enjoy your training!