• Wynnum Seaside Run, Brisbane

    Wynnum Seaside Run, Brisbane

  • The view from the stadium of our 24 hour race setup

    The view from the stadium of our 24 hour race setup

  • Melbourne's Albert Park half-marathon

    Melbourne's Albert Park half-marathon

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Australia has continued to be as active as ever during the winter months Down Under. Melbourne’s popular race series drew large crowds while Brisbane is also in the act with a suite of race venues gathering momentum - they recently had their largest race field, with over 300 finishers!

The oldest event on the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team calendar in Australia is the 24-Hour race, which has been staged for 39 years variously in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Campbelltown (south of Sydney). The most recent edition was held in Campbelltown in June, featuring a 12-Hour, 6-Hour and Marathon races in lanes 3 and 4 in addition to the marquee 24 Hour event staged in lanes 1 and 2, the track was abuzz with energy and excitement with 100 runners going through their paces at various times of the day.

That race was the final instalment of this race in Campbelltown, as it will now be incorporated into a brand new format...

Mark down 20–22 March 2020 in your diary as the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team will stage the 48 Hour Track Festival at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport Track in Canberra. The Festival will revolve around a 48-Hour track race and will also include the 24-Hour race and a 6-Hour races as well as a Midnight Marathon, Half-Marathons and “Saturday Night at the Track” (a track meet under lights with distances ranging from 1,000 metres to 10,000 metres). The evening before the races kick off, after runners have enjoyed their welcome dinner at “My Rainbow-Dreams” cafe, we will have the Australian premiere of the hit ultrarunning film 3100: Run and Become with director Sanjay Rawal in attendance in a special outdoor screening.