Sri Chinmoy 10km/4km Fun-Runs

Acton Foreshore Canberra

A bi-annual fun-run alongside Lake Burley Griffin

Scenic, central lakeside locale
Established, measured, marked course
Trophies for top placegetters
Post-race breakfast for all

About the event



Since 1984, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has conducted 10 km and 4 km Fun-Runs along the popular signposted Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running course on the cycle path along the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin, starting and finishing at Acton Ferry Terminal. These race are often staged on public holidays: Canberra Day in March and Labour Day in October. The next event will be held on Labour Day, Monday 5 October 2020.

All races commence at 8 am. Entries can be made online until 5 pm of the Friday prior to race day, or at the course on the day of the race, from 7 am.

A family atmosphere includes post-race breakfast and awards presentation.

Awards are presented in the following categories:

10 km

  • Male and Female Under 50, 1st to 7th
  • Male and Female 50 - 59, 1st to 3rd
  • Male and Female 60 - 69, 1st and 2nd
  • Male and Female 70 and Over, 1st.

4 km

  • Boys and Girls Under 13, 1st to 3rd
  • Boys and Girls and 17, 1st to 3rd
  • Male and Female 17 and Over, 1st to 3rd.

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Sri Chinmoy 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra

A twice-annual run along shared pathways alongside beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, on the signposted Sri Chinmoy 10km Recreational Running Course.



    • 8am
    • Registration from 6.45am
    • $22 online (until 5pm Friday prior to race day)
    • On-the-day: $30


    • 8.05am
    • Registration from 6.45am
    • $15 online (until 5pm Friday prior to race day)
    • On-the-day: $20


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071 327
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Award categories

  • 10km: 1st to 7th M & F Under 50; 1st to 3rd M & F 50-59; 1st and 2nd M & F 60-69; 1st M & F 70+
  • 4km: 1st to 3rd M & F Under 13; 1st to 3rd M & F Under 17; 1st to 3rd M & F 17+

Race records

The Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running Course has been in use for races in Canberra since 1984.  The following are course records established for the 10 km and 4 km courses since 2004.

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Joshua Torley 15:00 5/10/2009 Jordyne Rauter 15:35 9/3/2015
4 km Under 17 Alex Hughes 14:00 12/3/2018 Sarah Lonsdale 15:13 5/10/2009
4 km 17 and Over Stuart Doyle 13:23 6/10/2008 Hannah Walmsley 15:50 9/3/2015
10 km Under 50 Harrison McCGill 31:23 16/2/2020 Jackie Fairweather 36:29 2/10/2005
10 km 50 - 59 Greg Regester 37:07 1/10/2012 Maria O'Reilly 43:58 28/3/2005
10 km 60-69 Peter Kallio 41:26 2/10/2005 Jennifer Kellett 49:47 1/10/2018
10 km 70 and Over Bob Chapman 49:32 2/10/2005 Caroline Campbell 58:21 9/3/2015

Previous Results

  • 2020 Feb 16th
    Sri Chinmoy 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra, Sunday 16 February 2020

    Harrison McGill came to Acton to participate in his first Sri Chinmoy 10km Fun-Run, and departed later in the morning having made history. This is a challenging course, renowned for its biting hills. Furthermore, the morning was humid – not conducive to fast times, yet Harrison glided out and back along the lakeside promenade in an astonishing 31:23, nearly 5 minutes clear of 2nd placed Ben Crabb, whose excellent showing of 36:05 would have won this race on many an occasion. Trevor Spencer filled out the podium placings with a solid 36:32.

    35 years ago, in 1985 Nick De Castella ran this race in an all-time fastest time of 30:13. In the early 90s the course was re-measured and found to be about 80 metres short, so Nick’s time could no longer be recognised … hence we’re pretty sure Harrison’s time from today is the fastest for the full 10 kilometres Sri Chinmoy Recreational 10km Course.

    Jon Schol showed he is in fine nick to take out the Male 50-59 with 44:52; Keith Bennett was best in the Male 60-69 in 49:00; and Graham Burke the Male 70 and Over category with 59:41.

    The women’s 10km race saw another class performance from the graceful Elizabeth Humphries to win convincingly with 38:53, from Natalie Archer’s 40:06 and Kristy Zwickert in 42:04. Michelle Morgan took out the Female 50-59 with her fine run of 49:02; while the fabulous Jennifer Kellett barely missed her own race record by a few seconds in winning the Female 60-69 yet again in 49:55.

    Xavier Quispes ran a powerhouse solo run to take out the 4km race outright from the Boys Under 17 category in an impressive 14:24, with 2nd outright going to Male 17 and Over winner Chris Cole with 17:08, followed by Boys Under 13 winner Daniel Randall in 17:31.

    Hannah Quispes took out the Under 17 Girls with 19:26, while Female 17 and Over winner Georgia Gutierrez was next in 22:31, with Scarlett and Kate Elson first among the Girls Under 13 in 54:11.

  • 2019 Oct 7th
    Sri Chinmoy Labour Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra, Monday 7 October 2019

    Spring in Canberra is the best time of year to be running: mornings are still cool without needing hat and gloves, the sun sparkles, the air refreshes. Everywhere is budding and blooming and one feels the urge to join the party: a morning run is just the ticket. Add a beautiful lakeside setting, the conviviality of fellow runners and a pancake (or two) and the day is shaping up perfectly…

    Daniel Carson drew away from Tim O’Shea to take out the men’s 10km race in 35:38 from Tim’s 36:01, with Ben Crabb claiming 3rd with his 36:50 – all excellent times over this challenging course. Steve Richardson was fastest among the Male 50-59 with 44:27, from Kim Houghton’s 45:00 and Jon Schol filling out the podium places in 45:30. David Clarke in the Male 60-69 ran faster than any of his Male 50-59 counterparts, taking the category in a fine 43:17, from Trevor Jacobs in 46:47; while Peter Ralston took out the Male 70 and Over in 55:57.

    In the women’s 10km race, Kerry Smith was triumphant with a victory in 43:47, from Lesley Steel with 48:02 and Rowena Woods in 48:17. In the Female 50-59, it was Debra Kay taking the main honours in 50:27, followed by Polly Templeton’s 59:47 and Razz Morgan with 1:01:51. Clare Wall won the Female 60-69 in a fine 50:54 from Liz McLarnen in 1:04:19; while Caroline Campbell won the Female 70 and Over with 1:12:40.

    In a welcome and increasing trend, female runners outnumbered the males in the 4km race. Jemma Wilson was fastest of all, winning the race sensationally from the Girls Under 13 category in 17:36, though not far ahead of Nicki Macfarlane racing in the Female 17 and Over with 17:48; with Hannah Quispes taking out the Girls Under 17 in 19:19.

    The men’s 4km race was won with style by Kael Hulin (Male 17 and Over) in 14:36, with Xavier Quispes (Boys Under 17) not far adrift in 14:52; while Owen Duncanson was fastest among the Boys Under 13 in 19:04.

    Congratulations to all runners and thanks to all volunteers on another splendid morning!

  • 2019 Mar 31st
    Sri Chinmoy 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra, 31 March 2019

    Due to the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic being held on the Canberra Day Long Weekend this year, the traditional Canberra Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs were moved to Sunday 31 March, a less-than-ideal choice as it turned out due to several other significant events also happening about town on this day.

    So it was a smaller-than-usual field who gathered on a cooler-than-usual morning with a little less-than-usual excitement and anticipation in the air.

    The low-key atmosphere did not deter Jeff Grey however, who had come to the 10km race this morning with a focus and a goal: the 15-year-old Male 50-59 Course Record. Jeff ran the race of the day to convincingly claim the new best time of 39:03, to further consolidate his growing reputation as one of Canberra’s outstanding and best-performing veteran runners of all time.

    A few minutes ahead of Jeff, Jonathan Moore had claimed the outright win in the 10km race with a fine 35:51, edging ahead of Aston Duncan (35:58) and Ben Crabb (36:14). Behind Jeff’s record-breaking performance, the race in the Male 50-59 was for the minor placings, with Mark Duncanson taking 2nd in 43:38 from Kim Houghton’s 44:07. Keith Bennett took home the main trophy in the Male 60-69 with 47:25; while Peter Gentry was fastest of the Male 70 and Over brigade in 1:05:10.

    The women’s 10km race also proved a tight contest, with Ellie Barrett (42:51) outlasting a challenge from Natty Beck’s 42:59, and Amanda Kennedy taking the final podium placing in 43:40. Debra Kay was fastest of the Female 50-59 in 49:50 from Mayumi Takeuchi’s 54:47 and Sharon Humphreys – who accidentally ran an additional lap around Museum Point – clocking in at 1:00:34.

    The top 5 placings in the 4km race this morning were 3 Boys Under 17 and 2 Girls Under 13. Riley Whatman (16:00) was the outright winner, from his brother Angus Whatman (17:31). 3rd overall and 1st Girl Under 13 went to the flying Jemma Wilson in 17:32, followed by the 3rd Boy Under 17, Jayden Alderman in 18:09 and 2nd Girl Under 13, Hannah Quispes with 18:55. Hugh Radford took out the Boys Under 13 in 19:00, followed closely by Flynn Duncan (19:20) and Owen Duncanson (19:35). Melinda Lee won the Girls Under 17 division with 44:37. Among the adults, Severine Bernard took out the Female 17 and Over category in 21:27; and Jose Quispes Garay the Male 17 and Over with 22:32.

    Congratulations to all who participated and all who volunteered their services to help make this morning so enjoyable and fulfilling. This race will return to its traditional home of Canberra Day in 2020!

  • 2018 Oct 1st
    Sri Chinmoy Labour Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Acton Ferry Terminal, Canberra, Monday 1 October 2018

    It is rare indeed that a new race record is set on a course which has been used at least twice a year for over 35 years. Yet Jennifer Kellett today did just that – breaking the long-held record for this challenging 10km course of Canberra running legend Caroline Campbell for Female 60-69 – with her wonderful run of 49:47. Congratulations Jennifer!

    No-one could possibly have asked for any better conditions this morning alongside the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin for the annual Sri Chinmoy Labour Day gathering of enthusiastic and aspiring runner-enjoyers and pancake-lovers.

    Ellie Barrett took out the Female Under 50 10km race with a fine run of 42:28, from Natasha Beck in 43:57 and Skye Cappuccio, whose 45:02 just edged out Julia Ison’s 45:07 for 3rd placing. Kerri Vaughan showed great form to win the Female 50-59, and take 8th outright with 47:34.

    Tim Carton was strongest in the men’s race, taking the win in 37:07 from Callum Burns’ 37:21 and David Beaven with 37:37. 6th outright and winning the Male 50-59 was a in-form and unstoppable Jeff Grey with a fine run of 39:29, from Kim Houghton’s 42:53 and Mark Duncanson in 44:09. David Alder took out the competitive Male 60-69 with a scintillating run of 43:07 from Trevor Jacobs’ 45:25; while Graham Burke was too good in the Male 70 and Over in 58:10.

    The shorter 4km saw Dave Hardwicke run a superb unchallenged 14:04, the fastest time over this course for a while. Next home in the Male 17 and Over was Iwo Pilecki-Silva with 15:08, just ahead of 1st placed Boy Under 17, Xavier Quispes in 15:15, winning from Riley Whatman in 15:36. Fastest in the Boys Under 13 was Mitchell Osmond in 17:23, from Owen Toyne’s 17:57.

    Emily Hill took out the Female 17 and Over and 1st place outright in the women’s 4km race in 16:41, just ahead of 1st placed Girls Under 13, Rebecca Solomon who ran an excellent 16:52, ahead of Mily McCabe’s 17:42 and Jemma Wilson in 17:47; while winner of the Girls Under 17 was Laura Burns with 19:05.