Sri Chinmoy 100km Road Relays and Solo Run

Staged on a certified 5km loop course

AURA National 100km Championships for 2024
Scenic, fast loop in the heart of Canberra
IAU Bronze Label event
AIMS certified 5km loop course
Exciting relay team format
State-of-the-art electronic timing
Two ample aid stations per loop
Hot food and drinks through the night

About the event

The inaugural Sri Chinmoy 100km Road Relays and Solo Run, the AURA National 100km Championships, were staged in and around Commonwealth Park, Canberra on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February 2024. The course is a certified 5km loop on shared pathways alongside Lake Burley Griffin. To avoid the Summer heat, the race commences at 5pm on Saturday evening and runs through the night, with an 8am cut-off on Sunday morning.

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Start time

  • 5pm


  • $130 solos; $180 T2; $220 T10 teams till 7pm 24 January
  • $180 solos; $240 T2; $280 T10 teams after 7pm 24 January
  • All entries close 7pm 21 February


Prachar Stegemann
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  • AIMS certified measured course
  • IAU Bronze Label 2024

Event Management

View the course map ... the course is 20 laps of an AIMS-measured and certified 5,000 metre loop on shared pathways in Commonwealth Park and Henry Rolland Park, along the northern foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra. The start and finish point is at Rond Terrace West, near the southern end of Anzac Parade.

Detailed Description

The start is 50m to the west of Rond Terrace, marked by a light pole numbered 211 1639 on the bitumen path. The course proceeds towards the lake on the path which curves to the left (east) downhill.

The course reaches the lake edge continuing east and crosses a small concourse, for a brief out-and-back before the eastern turnaround point, which is 30m past the convergence point of two pathways.

After turning, the course proceeds to the west, using all the available path, following the lakes edge.

90m after the divergence of the two pathways, the course surface changes to a sealed red gravel for 165m. 75m after leaving the red surface, follow around to the right of a large obstructing tank on the path. 300m further on is the 1km mark, near the Robert Menzies statue.

Cross the bridge for the Nerang Pool, continuing along the lake’s edge. Just after the Regatta Point Jetty (20m) is the gravel path to the right that will be the turning left point on the return journey. For the next 700m, until under and just past Commonwealth Ave Bridge, has runners in both directions. Stay to the left of the cones.

The narrowest part of the course is passing under Commonwealth Ave Bridge. Approximately 50m after the bridge, take a 90 degree left hand turn down onto the waterfront path, continuing on the left of this path around the waterfront, with two-way-traffic for about 30m.

The 2km mark is 3m before the first pontoon on your left. The course continues along the waterfront, staying on the main path to the right of the light poles, away from the seating and concrete stanchion area.

At the westerly point of the course the path reaches a T junction alongside Acton West Beach. Turn right here using the shortest line. There will be an Aid Station and timing mat here. Then returns to the east along the bitumen bike path, using the full width of the path.

The 3km mark is shortly after the on ramp to the Parkes footbridge on your left. Continue past the construction area, to turn right alongside a scooter hire drop-off zone. On reaching the main lakeside path, turn left onto a brief 2-directional section, before turning left again onto an angled grey path leading back to the point where you turn right onto the same pathway on which runners have emerged from under the bridge.

Continuing back under Commonwealth Ave Bridge along the lake frontage, keeping left of the cones, follow around to the left of a large tree in the middle of the path. Continue along the two directional stretch, with the 4km near the southernmost point of Regatta Point. The path now swings left to the North and approximately 130m later (just after the first trees), turn left onto the gravel path for 100m and then veer left again onto the path following clockwise around Nerang Pool.

Watch out for some variations in smoothness, and a few rough edges around the northern side of Nerang Pool. Run past the entrance of the underpass under Parkes Way on your left, past the Public Toilet on your left, and onto the only hill of note on the course.

The paved path reaches a path crossing where the surface returns to sealed bitumen. Turn right here, then continue straight across at the next 4-way intersection, and into the finish chute and transition relay area.

This completes a full lap of the 5000m course.

There are two (2) public car parks close to the race HQ. The closest is the Rond Terrace Car Park, off Parkes Way, which has pay parking. The CIT Dirt Car Park, off Constitution Ave (recommended), with FREE parking all weekend, is 470 metres from the start/finish, with access directly onto the course via an underpass under Parkes Way (see walking route from car park to race HQ on map).

Every participant must bring a headlamp. While wearing the headlamp during the race is optional, the lighting around the course may be insufficient for some runners, and a headlamp will be essential in the event of a power failure and subsequent loss of lighting.

For all pre-entered Solo Athletes and Relay Teams, compulsory registration will be between 4pm and 4.40pm, Saturday 24 February at Rond Terrace West (the event HQ). This will also the final opportunity to lodge late entries (pending the discretion of the event organisers).

If you have made changes to the composition or order of your team, you will need to have these recorded at Registration.  You will also sign a waiver form, collect race number bibs and a race belt (for teams), link to the online runner schedule form (for relay teams), and receive information on any last-minute event news.

Not all team members need to attend Registration – as long as the first runner and Team Captain are in attendance.

There are two categories of teams: Teams of 2 (T2) and Teams of 3-10 members (T10).

Each leg of the relay comprises one loop of the course = 5km. Teams may only exchange their race belt (which contains their race number bib and timing chip) at the completion of a leg in the timing area, and not anywhere else along the course.

Each Relay Team must nominate a Team Name and a Team Captain on the online entry form.

Mixed Teams may contain any ratio of genders, however to qualify as a Mixed Team a minimum of 8 (out of 20) relay legs must be completed by female team members.

The team timing chip will be attached to the race number bib, which must be worn on a race belt. Race belts will be supplied at Registration (between 4pm and 4.40pm on Saturday) for any teams who do not have their own belt. The race belt, with race number bib and timing chip attached, serves as the 'relay baton' for the team, and must be handed over from one team member to the next within the relay team changeover zone at the start/finish area.

The team race belt must always be worn with the number bib displayed on the front of the runner's clothing, as front-facing video is used as a back-up for the timing system.

For T10 teams, the race belt must be exchanged at the completion of every loop. No relay runner may run consecutive legs. This rule does not apply to T2 teams, who may run consecutive legs.

Each relay team member must complete a minimum of one leg.

The order, rotation of members and number of legs to be run by each team member is entirely up to the team.

Each team is responsible to record the names and sequence of relay runners on an online or paper form which will be issued at Registration, and to return this form with their timing belt to the Registration marquee upon completion of all 20 laps.

T10 relay teams MUST change runners after EVERY LAP. It is up to the team to decide which runner will run next, in what order and how many legs each member completes (provided that in a Mixed Team, at least 8 of the 20 laps are completed by a female team member). These decisions can be made as the race progresses.

T2 relay teams may run any number of legs each, in any order, and may run consecutive legs (provided that in a Mixed Team, at least 8 of the 20 laps are completed by a female team member).

Each team must record the name of the team member running each leg on an online form (using your phone or tablet) which can be accessed via a link available at Registration. For teams without online access, paper forms will also be available, which must then be returned to the Timing Team at the completion of your 20 laps.

There are two (2) aid stations for all participants: one at the start/finish area, and one at the western turnaround alongside Acton West Beach. Each aid station will serve water, KODA sports drink, fruit, chips and sweets.

The Food Service Marquee will serve, for 100km Solo Runners only, a rotation of hot soup, toasties, miso soup, protein balls, green tea/chia/honey drink, mashed potato, porridge, tea and Nespresso pod coffee.

Additional snacks, tea, Nespresso pod coffee and hot chocolate will be for sale throughout the night as well as Dinner at 7pm (Chickpea loaf with salad and rice pudding) and Breakfast at 8am (Indian eggs with toast).

All food (including Dinner and Breakfast) is complimentary for Solo Runners.

For relay team runners, supporters and helpers: please order your Food Vouchers via your online entry form in advance. A $20 Full Service Voucher includes both Dinner and Breakfast, along with Snacks throughout the night.

Dinner and Breakfast will each be available for $10 per meal, but only after those who have pre-ordered have been served.

Personal clothing and equipment may be set up by Solo Runner's helpers and Relay Teams in two designated zones (the Solo Runners' zone is closer to the start/finish line), from 3.30pm Saturday. Please see the event officials BEFORE claiming your own personal area. All personal possessions are your own responsibility at all times. Children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. NO PEGS or STAKES may be used. NO COOKING or FIRES are permitted. NO GENERATORS are allowed. NO MUSIC or RADIO may be played louder than the confines or your own personal area.

This is an alcohol-free event, for participants and their helpers. Please do not bring any alcoholic drinks to the event HQ at Rond Terrace West, or anywhere along the course. Smoking is also not permitted anywhere along the course.

This event is an AURA and AA National Championship event, and as such, strict adherence to IAU rules must be observed and adhered to.

Personal helpers of Solo Runners are allowed to hand drinks, food and equipment to their runner within the designated relay changeover area only. IAU rules do not permit helpers to run, walk or jog with their runner or pace them at any point on the course.

IAU rules state that Pacing of Solo Runners is not permitted, including between male and female runners, be they solo or relay participants.

Please note that all competitors who have entered or have been entered into this event online, whether as Solo Runners or Relay Team members, must sign the participant waiver before commencing their respective leg or legs of the race. Copies of the waiver will be available at Registration. Relay team members running more than one leg, need only sign the waiver form once.

Any competitor who commences a leg without first signing the participant waiver is subject to immediate and automatic disqualification, along with their team.

Awards for all categories will be presented in one ceremony at the event HQ at Rond Terrace West, at 8am on Sunday 25 February.

Breakfast will also be served at this time (see notes on Food Service Marquee).

Race records

Solo Male Under 50: 7:35:28 – Benjamin Kuang (25/02/2024)
Solo Male 50-59: 6:49:55 – Wayne Spies (25/02/2024)
Solo Male 60-69: 12:09:27 – Brett Crowe (25/02/2024)
Solo Male 70 and Over: 12:58:54 – Greg Wilson (25/02/2024)
Solo Female Under 50: 8:34:21 – Rhiannon Snipe (25/02/2024)
Solo Female 50-59: 14:40:01 – Karen Chan (25/02/2024)
Solo Female 60-69: 12:51:19 – Pam Muston (25/02/2024)
Solo Female 70 and Over: (not yet claimed)

Fastest leg Solo Male Under 50: 22:00, Benjamin Kuang, (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Male 50-59: 19:03, Wayne Spies, (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Male 60-69: 29:52, Stephen Graham, (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Male 70 and Over: 28:29, Greg Wilson (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Female Under 50: 22:36, Rhiannon Snipe, (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Female 50-59: 30:21, Karen Chan, (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Female 60-69: 31:05, Pam Muston (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg Solo Female 70 and Over: (not yet claimed)

Relay Teams of 2 (T2)

All-Female Team: 8:28:56 – "Jordassie" (Jordan Anderton and Cassie Cohen), (25/02/2024)
Open Team: 7:52:46 – "Team Dordo" (David Dexcter and Martin Rowe), (25/02/2024)
Mixed Team: 8:14:08 – "Ultra Pioneers" (Kristy Janszen and Justin Hiatt), (25/02/2024)

Relay Teams of 3-10 (T10)

All-Female Team: 9:55:53 – "The Wagga Joggers" (Chantelle McCallum, Hettie Dunn, Lila Gordon-Smith, Kath Mills, Alison Skinner, Lucy Bourne, Simone Francis, Sally Hawkins, Emily Gordon-Smith, Lauren Oates) (25/02/2024)
Open Team: 6:51:21 – "4 horesmen" (Will Mackie, Jesse Toniolo, Josh Leith, High Mason), (25/02/2024)
Mixed Team: 6:23:15 – "Kudos Running Crew Canberra" (Brittany Harriden, Sarah Fletcher, Lili Mooney, Jonathan Blanchard, Daniel Carson, David Coward, Jac Pascoe, Kael Hulin, Louisa Hulin, Daniel Chung), (25/02/2024)

Relay Leg Records

Fastest leg for a Male T2 team runner: 21:07, Martin Rowe ("Team Dordo") (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg for a Female T2 team runner: 21:14, Jordan Anderton ("Jardassie") (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg for a Male T10 team runner: 16:38, Daniel Carson ("Kudos Running Crew Canberra"), (25/02/2024)
Fastest leg for a Female T10 team runner: 18:07, Sarah Fletcher ("Kudos Running Crew Canberra"), (25/02/2024)