Sri Chinmoy 100km Road Relays and Solo Run

Parklands Canberra

Staged on a 5km loop course

Certified 5km loop course
State-of-the-art electronic timing
Scenic loop in the heart of Canberra
Two ample aid stations per loop
Exciting relay team format
Hot food and drinks through the night

About the event

The inaugural Sri Chinmoy 100km Road Relays and Solo Run, will be staged in and around Commonwealth Park, Canberra on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February 2024. The course is a certified 5km loop on shared pathways alongside Lake Burley Griffin. To avoid the Summer heat, the race will commence at 5pm on Saturday evening and run through the night, with an 8am cut-off on Sunday morning.

The course map will be published here soon.



Start time

  • 5pm


  • $130 solos; $180 T2; $220 T10 teams till 5pm 24 January
  • $180 solos; $240 T2; $280 T10 teams after 5pm 24 January


Prachar Stegemann
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Relay Rules and Regulations

There are two categories of teams: Teams of 2 (T2) and Teams of 3-10 members (T10).

Each leg of the relay comprises one loop of the course = 5km. Teams may only exchange the baton at the completion of a leg in the timing area, and not anywhere else along the course.

Each Relay Team must nominate a Team Name and a Team Captain on the online entry form.

Mixed Teams may contain any ratio of genders, however to qualify as a Mixed Team a minimum of 8 (out of 20) relay legs must be completed by female team members.

Each team will collect its team baton and individual runner chest numbers from the Registration marquee between 4pm and 4.45pm on race day. Every team runner must wear the team race chest number on the front of their clothing throughout the race. Race belts are permitted.

The timing chip is attached to the relay baton. Each team runner must carry the baton whenever they are running, and hand the baton to the next team runner within the designated baton change-over zone.

For T10 teams, the baton must be exchanged at the completion of every loop. No relay runner may run consecutive legs. This rule does not apply to T2 teams, who may run consecutive legs.

Each relay team member must complete a minimum of one leg.

The order, rotation of members and number of legs to be run by each team member is entirely up to the team.

Each team is responsible to record the names and sequence of relay runners on a form which will be issued at Registration, and to return this form with their timing baton to the Registration marquee upon completion of all 20 laps.

There will be a $20 fee for the non-return of any baton or timing chip.

Race records

There have been no records established for this race yet!