Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons

Black Mountain Canberra

A genuine bush race in the heart of the national capital

A genuine bush race in the heart of the city
The only annual off-road duathlon event in the ACT
The only athletic event staged within the National Botanic Gardens
Long course for experienced athletes; short course for novices and those in a hurry
Race solo or in a relay team of 2 (one runner, one mountain biker)
Mid-morning start for the best of a mid-Winter's day
Well-marked, scenic courses through gardens and natural bushland
Friendly, supportive atmosphere
Post-event barbecue breakfast
Full results by category, published online same day

About the event

"Ride 'n Stride." The Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons for 2018 will be held on Sunday the 29th of July.

A genuine bush race in the heart of the nation's capital, featuring a long and a short course option. The first run course circumnavigates the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The ride and second run courses explore Black Mountain Reserve.

Both Long and Short Course races commence from behind the ActewAGL substation at the end of Frith Rd, Acton at 10 am.

Both short and long races are open to solo athletes and teams of 2 members.

Course maps and desciptions

The short course race is designed for novices and those seeking an enjoyable, relatively easy, non-technical course.  View the maps and read the course description for the short course event.

The long course race is for more serious endurance athletes, and is both technically and physically more demanding.  View the maps and read the course description for the long course event.

View the list of current entrants in the 2018 event.


Short Course 2k run/7kMTB/2.5k run

    • 10.15 am
    • Pre 20 July at 5 pm: Short Solo $35/Team $45
    • Post 20 July at 5 pm: Short Solo $45/Team $55
    • Add $10 one race licence fee for non-TA members

Long Course 3.3k run/23k MTB/7.5k run

    • 10 am
    • Pre 20 July at 5 pm: Long Solo $50/Team $60
    • Post 20 July at 5 pm: Long Solo $70/Team $80
    • Add $10 one race licence fee for non-TA members


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071 327
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Award categories

  • Trophies for top 3 solos under 50 and top 3 solos over 50 (long and short course)
  • Trophies for 1st placed team in each category (long and short course)

Event information

This race is sanctioned by Triathlon ACT as a member of Triathlon Australia, and is conducted in accordance with Triathlon Australia race rules, with the exception of those rules covering drafting on the bike course and the carrying of mobile phones, whihc are required on the mountain bike and cross-country run courses. Drafting is permitted in this event.

The race rules which pertain to this race are set out on the Triathlon Australia website.

There are 3 Team Divisions for each race. The Divisions are: All-Male, All-Female and Mixed.

The race is designed for teams of 2 members: one runner (who completes both run legs) and one mountain biker.  Teams of 3 may enter, though they are not eligible for awards.

For all pre-entered Teams and Solo Athletes, compulsory registration will commence 60 minutes prior to the start of the race at the transition area alongside the ActewAGL sub-station at the end of Frith Rd, Acton.

If you have made any changes to the membership or composition of your team, these will need to be entered into the database at Registration. At Registration you will collect race numbers, receive information on any last-minute course alterations and meet with some of your competitors.

All competitors will be asked to sign the participant waiver before commencing the race.

Any competitor who commences a leg without first signing the participant waiver will be subject to automatic disqualification, and will be no longer deemed a participant in the event.

For safety purposes, to enable the rapid reporting of any accidents or injuries on course, athletes are required to carry a mobile phone on the mountain bike and cross-country run courses of each event.  All athletes will be required to program the Race HQ phone number into their phones at Registration.  Please note that mobile phones are not permitted to be used during the race as a music or communications device other than in such an emergency.

Please play your part to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all.

The race will be attended by personnel from Sports Medicine Australia, who will be on hand to treat injuries.

The most important component of ensuring a safe event is common sense, particularly on the mountain bike course. Carefully check your brakes and tyres the day before the race. Please exercise care while negotiating all descents, especially if you are unfamiliar with the course. The time lost through sensible caution is nothing compared to the time lost through a trip to the hospital.

Every athlete must carry a reasonable supply of water and fluids during legs 2 and 3, either in a back-mounted hydration system or in drink containers held in belt-straps or clothing.

There will be an aid station at the transition point, offering water and sports drink, sun block and vaseline, as well as rudimentary bike repair equipment.   Mountain bikers are advised to carry a full repair kit and 2 spare tubes.

This event takes place in environmentally sensitive areas.

We are very fortunate to be allowed to stage these races. The authorities and officers of the ACT City Ranger's Office, National Botanic Gardens and Environment ACT have been overwhelmingly cooperative and helpful.

Please be aware that these events take place in a public as well as a natural domain. We do not have exclusive use of any of these areas, all of which are used by many people on weekends.

The first run courses for the Off-Road Duathlons are on roads within the National Botanic Gardens. It is expressly forbidden to run off the roads at any stage while inside the Gardens.

The second run courses occupy tracks which are designed for walkers, not runners. We are the walkers' guests. Please give way and show courtesy to all walkers using these tracks.

All mountain bike courses are on 4WD tracks through Canberra Nature Park. Keep to the left at all times and respect other users of these tracks.

Please do not litter any where on the course. Carry your litter with you and dispose of at the transition area. Our aim is for each race to leave no footprint.

The management of the National Botanic Gardens and Canberra Nature Park reserve the right to cancel any or all of the legs through the National Botanic Gardens and Canberra Nature Park in the event of a total fire ban, extreme heat, cold or potentially dangerous weather conditions.

If any leg or legs are cancelled or amended either in the lead-up or on the day of a race, organisers will endeavour to stage an alternative leg or legs, subject to prevailing conditions.   Organisers reserve the right whether directed by authorities or not, to shorten, alter or cancel any leg or legs of the race within reason, and without warning.

In the event that the race is called off completely prior to the start, the race will be postponed to a later date.   Only if the race is postponed, entrants may elect to transfer their entry to the revised date or place their entry on hold.   Entries 'on hold' will be valid until used once for the same event within 3 years successive to the date of the original entry.

Once the race has commenced, the race entry will be deemed to have been 'used' and is not redeemable, even if the event is called off before its scheduled finish.

Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlon Long Course Records
  Overall Time Run 1 Bike Run 2
Male Under 50

Dylan Cooper
1:39:36 (2016)

Michael Chapman
9:41 (2015)

Dylan Cooper
53:30 (2016)

Michael Chapman
31:11 (2015)

Male 50-59

Gary Lilley
1:57:50 (2013)

Gary Lilley
11:24 (2013)

Gary Lilley
1:05:18 (2013)

Jon Schol
40:12 (2013)

Male 60+

Peter Fogarty
2:16:53 (2017)

David Alder
13:35 (2017)

Peter Fogarty
1:15:16 (2017)

David Alder
46:39 (2017)

Female Under 50

Penny Slater
1:59:22 (2017)

Heather Evans
11:25 (2005)

Penny Slater
1:06:03 (2017)

Heather Evans
36:38 (2005)

Female 50+ Margaret Beardslee
2:14:56 (2009)
Margaret Beardslee
13:09 (2009)
Margaret Beardslee
1:16:41 (2009)
Margaret Beardslee
45:06 (2009)
Male in a Team  

Craig Benson
9:48 (2016)

Kel Boers
55:25 (2015)

Daniel Oehm
32:09 (2017)

Female in a Team  

Elizabeth Humphries
11:42 (2010)

Elizabeth Humphries
1:11:08 (2013)

Elizabeth Humphries
38:24 (2010)

All-Male Team

Andrew & Ben Tuchler
1:40:03 (2017)


All-Female Team Lou & Eliz (Louise Sharp & Elizabeth Humphries)
2:02:45 (2013)
Mixed Team

Humpty Dumpty
(Elizabeth Humphries & David Osmond)
1:47:42 (2010)

Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlon Short Course Records
  Overall Time Run 1 Bike Run 2
Male Under 50

Bradley Morton
34:09 (2005)

Daniel Waugh
5:04 (2012)

Bradley Morton
18:20 (2005)

Charles Nicoll
9:35 (2012)

Male 50+

Kim Houghton
39:45 (2017)

Gerry Smith
5:42 (2015)
Nick Smee
21:12 (2017)
Kym Houghton
11:14 (2017)
Female Under 50

Alison Campbell
41:21 (2005)

Narelle Desmet
5:48 (2017)

Christelle Van Niekerk
21:40 (2011)

Amy Bainbridge
11:21 (2005)
Female 50+  Jill Farrer
56:37 (2009)
Razz Morgan
7:11 (2017)
Liz Widdicombe
28:51 (2011)
Jill Farrer
16:02 (2009)
Male in a Team  

Brendan Mulhall
5:17 (2005)

Sean Scott
18:26 (2006)

Brendan Mulhall
10:47 (2005)

Female in a Team  

Kym Chisholm
5:56 (2006)

Raeleigh Tennant
23:28 (2011)
Kym Chisholm
10:27 (2006)
All-Male Team

Team Bennie (Tom Bennie & Jacob Stewart) 38:49 (2016)

All-Female Team Amy, Raeleigh & Greta
52:55 (2011)
Mixed Team

Brunch Bunch
(Isobel, Robert & Benjamin Magrath)
37:27 (2010)



Previous Results

  • 2017 Jul 23rd
    Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons, Black Mountain Reserve, Canberra, Sunday 23 July 2017

    No matter how many times we come back to the same venue and the same course, the Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons – staged, uniquely, through the National Botanic Gardens and Black Mountain Reserve – each and every year offer surprises aplenty.

    Sometimes bitterly cold at the start, the first surprise of 2017 was a comparatively balmy morning under a cloudless deep (deeper than sky-blue) blue sky. Following on Canberra’s driest June on record, the tracks were hard and stony, leading to a higher-than-usual incidence of flat tyres and mechanical issues on the bike leg.

    Penny Slater today dismantled a 12-year-old course record in becoming the first woman to break the 2-hour mark for the Sri Chinmoy Long-Course Off-Road Duathlon. Penny’s impressive 1:59:22 was built on a new course best time over the bike leg of 1:06:03. Jennifer Davis was 2nd among the Female Under 50 with 2:12:22; and Alexandra Durr 3rd in 2:21:18.

    Dave Osmond has been the most regular participant in this race since its inception and always places on or about the podium, so it was especially satisfying to see his consistency rewarded today with a victory in the men’s Long-Course race, in a superb 1:42:09. Adrian Sheppard, another stalwart of this event, followed Dave home in 1:46:00, from 3rd-placed Dave Hardwicke’s 1:48:14.

    Peter Evans blitzed the Male 50-59 field with his fine round of 2:05:33; while Peter Fogarty took out the Male 60 and Over category in 2:16:53 – and also benefitted from the induction of this category in the official course records, starting from this year. While he took out the overall best time and fastest bike time, nevertheless the fastest times for both runs are now held by David Alder.

    Andrew and Ben Tuchler established a new course record in winning the All-Male Team with their line-honours effort of 1:40:03. Daniel Oehm also ran the fastest-ever time for a male team member in helping his team “Meat & Veg” into 2nd placing.

    The Belinda/Susie combo of “Jube” were too good in the All-Female team division, winning with 2:27:41; while Antonio and Melanie’s “Mind over Matter” proved the veracity of their name in taking out the Mixed Team prize with 2:18:17.

    David Simpfendorfer led the field from the start in the Short-Course race, to carry home the race outright in a fine 35:26. 2nd and 3rd outright were stars from the Male 50-59 category – Kim Houghton was forced to break his own age-group course record with an outstanding 39:45 (collecting a new record for the final run along the way of 11:14), due to a superb charge on the bike from Nick Smee, whose final time of 40:01 was also better than the previous record, and who now owns the fastest time for this age group over the 7km bike course of 21:12.

    Phoebe Chadwick-Masters based her victory in the women’s race on a fine bike ride, cruising in to win in 45:21, from Kathryn Hopkins’ 46:31 and Abigail Adera’s 49:01. Razz Morgan took out the Female Over 50s with 57:46, which including a new best time for her age group over the 1st run of 7:11.

    The “Ballistic Boyz” of Morgan and Tom won the All-Male team prize for the second year running with 46:27; while Alison and Paul’s “Team Hills” took out the Mixed Team in the Short-Course race in 45:36.

    Each race of this type is a world in itself: there are many adventures, dramas, struggles, disappointments and triumphs along the way for each of us. If we had an award for the outstanding performance of the day, it would go to Brett Ladd, who made the trip from Sydney to compete. The published results show that Brett came in second last in the Long-Course race. What the results don’t show, is that Brett stopped to help a fellow competitor who had suffered a broken bike chain – not once, not twice, but THREE times! – thus sacrificing over 40 minutes of his own precious race time.

    Our gratitude also goes to Simon Whitehead of Sports Medicine Australia for his invaluable service; to everyone from Triathlon ACT who officiated with a perfect combination of cheerfulness and professionalism; our friends at Access Canberra for helping with permits; and to helpers from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

  • 2016 Jul 31st
    Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons, Black Mountain, Canberra, 31 July 2016

    In some competitions, and on some days, there can only be one winner…

    On other days, several contenders can emerge as winners…

    Yet today was one of those very rare occasions, when every participant – by a happy conjunction of auspicious weather, venue, course, Nature in repose, fortunate circumstance, general goodwill and an alignment of inner mood and outer conditions otherwise known as grace – was assured of being a winner.

    Some records were threatened, a few barely survived, while several were shattered.

    The first record was broken even before the day dawned: the largest field (119 entries) ever assembled for this annual gathering at the foot of Black Mountain. As though in response to this expression of intent, Mother Nature joined in with her own record: the warmest day this race has ever experienced, with some spectators sporting T-shirts for the first time in this mid-Winter race’s history.

    Headline performance of the day surely belongs to Dylan Cooper, who, in a field boasting several former course record holders, took all in his stride to set a new all-comers course record of 1:39:36 in his debut duathlon. En route, Dylan also bested his friend Rowan Beggs-French’s bike course record with a new standard of 53:30 for the challenging 23km. Rowan – who had urged Dylan to take part in the race – effectively relegated himself to second place, with his fine 1:43:44, from another former record-holder, Dave Osmond in 1:45:45.

    In the Male 50-59 category, evergreen Jon Schol took the honours with 2:06:11 from the ever-cheerful Christian Dussault in 2:09:27. Peter Fogarty won the new Male 60+ with his splendid 2:26:26.

    Kate Vandenberg’s superior biking gave her the win in the women’s long-course race in 2:09:11, despite Priscilla Barrington running faster in both of the run legs, Priscilla having to settle for 2nd placing in 2:10:35, from Beth Bowen in 2:31:49. Jane Hiatt meanwhile, flew the flag for the Female 50+ with her steady 3:14:50.

    In the Long-Course teams division, Craig Benson established a new record for the first run leg of a scintillating 9:48. With Craig teaming with Jack Druery, “Team A” took out the All-Male Teams in 1:48:34. The “Duathlon Dugongs” pairing of Olivia Stutchbery and Kurt Warn won the Mixed Teams in 1:55:36; and the “Duomums 4350” – Kim Greaves and Carol Hartley – ran out winners of the All-Female Teams in 2:27:12.

    The Short-Course race was surely Kim Houghton’s finest hour – or rather, his finest 40 minutes and 5 seconds, being how long it took him to win the solo race outright and establish a new course record for 50-and-over males. Kim also wrested hold of John Smytheman’s long-standing bike course record, which now stands at 21:39. John had to settle for 2nd place today in an excellent 49:58.

    Only 6 seconds behind the flying Kim Houghton, came the Male Under 50 winner, Steve Sibraa in 40:11, from Peter Daffier in 41:17.

    Lou Basyoni led from the front in the women’s race to win in a fine 42:15. Lou won each of the 3 legs, and set a new record for the 1st run leg (by one second!) of 6:01. Felicity Roantree wasn’t far behind in 43:31; from Simone Annis’ 3rd-placed 47:31.

    “Team Bennie” (Tom Bennie and Jacob Stewart) set a new best time for the All-Male Team in the Short-Course race of 38:49, as well as taking line honours in the race. Ann Backhouse and Jenna Fitch teamed up to form “J Fit” and take out the All-Female combinations in 55:26; while the Mixed Teams title went to the redoubtable pairing of Melissa Head and Trevor Jacobs (“Headways”) in 39:06, for second across the line.

    Gratitude to all who participated, helped, cheered and served in any way to help make this such a memorable and glorious occasion…

  • 2015 Jul 5th
    Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons, Canberra, 5 July 2015, Results

    The love and joy of life transcends and overcomes all hardships – like for example, a cold morning! In the midst of the coldest spell of weather in Canberra for 30 years, the second largest field ever assembled for the annual Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons gathered at Black Mountain in the fog. There is something about sharing adversity which makes it the easier to bear: while we all felt the cold, the fact that we were all in it together made it not only bearable, but even somehow enjoyable – a talking point at least, and certainly a force eliciting a sharper focus in our efforts, imbuing the event with a heroic strain rendering it all the more memorable. This is one event we will all hark back to in future years: when there’s a hint of cool or mist about the air and grumbling about the cold, we will retort: “This is nothing, you should have been here in 2015!”

    The Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons comprise two events – a short course and a long course – each open to solo participants and relay teams of two, a runner and a mountain biker. The first run leg is on roadways through the National Botanic Gardens, while the MTB and second run courses follow tracks and trails through Black Mountain Reserve.

    At the “pointy end” of the men’s long course field, the first two placings from 2014 were reversed. Dave Osmond has consistently been one of the best performers throughout the history of this event, always placing in the top few positions either as a solo participant or occasionally in a relay team. Last year he was out-run by then-new father, Rowan Beggs-French who just missed out on the all-time course record. This year however, it was Dave who was able to draw away on the mighty climb up Black Mountain, to win the race outright for the first time in 1:44:15, with Rowan a few minutes back at the finish in 1:46:56.

    The new positioning of the bike compound has slightly shortened the first run leg, so it was to be expected that the course record for this leg might be threatened: hence it was no surprise to see Michael Chapman set a new standard of 9:41. Yet just as the first run leg is now a bit shorter so is the second run leg that much longer, so If there were any doubts about Michael’s credentials in setting a new record for a shorter course, they were emphatically answered when he also blitzed a new record for the now-longer second run leg of 31:11. If he can shave a few minutes off his bike time, Michael will be a serious threat in this format.

    Meanwhile in the women’s race, Elizabeth Humphries made it a “family affair” by also taking the outright win in 2:07:07 from Kylie Message in 2:18:06. Dave Osmond – who happens to be Elizabeth’s partner – has teamed up with her to win the relay division in past years; however this year they both went solo and reaped the full rewards for years of super-high level consistency and excellence.

    Jon Schol came in just ahead of Elizabeth to take out the Men 50+ in 2:06:55.

    The “Squadra Coglione” team took out the All-Male teams category in 1:49:39, including a sensational ride from Kel Boers who broke Dave Osmond’s previous course record for the bike leg with a flashing 55:25; while “Megan and Elizabeth” (yes, that’s their team name!) were first in the All-Female Teams in 2:15:46; and “Team Argument” managed to set aside their differences long enough to win the Mixed Teams in 1:58:33.

    Cameron Colebatch had earlier won the short course men’s race convincingly in a sprightly 37:50, with Gerry Smith taking out the Men 50+ in 45:11 – including a new course record for the first run leg of 5:42. Jacqueline Oberg from Goulburn took out first place in the women’s short course event with 55:03.

    In all the years this event has been held, there has never been an all-male team in the short course race. Hence when youngsters Tom and Morgan submitted a late entry on the morning as “The Ballistic Boys”, they not only were assured of taking out first place  – which they duly did in an impressive 51:20 – they also now hold the course record for this division! Meanwhile, Brady and Sarah of “The Braybees” successfully defended their title in the Mixed Teams category with another outstanding outing of 41:00.

  • 2014 Jul 6th
    Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons Race Report

    sri-chinmoy-offroad-duathlons-start.jpgOn a chilly Canberra morning we had a very good turnout for the annual Sri Chinmoy Off-Road Duathlons at Black Mountain.

    The long course athletes started first with their run heading into the Australian National Botanical Gardens where they followed the boundary road most of the way around. The field was still quite close together as they mounted mountain bikes and headed out for a strenuous 23km through scenic Black Mountain and Aranda Nature Reserves.

    Once the long course was off on their bikes the Short course race got underway. This was a quick affair, with runners back very promptly for their bike leg. Prominent in the lead runners were a number of junior athletes. Adrian Shepherd led the short course from start to finish with a significant lead at the end.

    The long course was a much more challenging event and attracted a quality field. Rowan Beggs-French, a new father, had a tremendous race and just missed out by seconds on breaking the course record. A few minutes later he was followed in by Dave Osmond, and Luke Kay who were also closely followed by Guy Jones and Thomas Brazier (honourable mention for fastest run legs).

    While the weather never really warmed up the rain that threatened never actually came, providing a nice social time for athletes as they enjoyed their post race breakfast.

    Thank you to all the participants and their supporters for making this such an enjoyable race. We look forward to seeing you all at this same location next year.
    Full results are published, as well as a photo album.