Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim

Lake Burley Griffin Canberra

Swim the full length of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin –  solo or in a relay team of 4

One of Australia's premier fresh-openwater swims
Conquer Canberra's iconic lake
Complete the 10km distance solo or in relay
17th annual event
On-water safety support by Canberra Canoe Club and YMCA Sailing Club
Accurately measured, easy-to-navigate course
A unique tour of Canberra's natural beauty, historical, political and cultural sites
Post-race nourishing brunch for all swimmers and helpers
Awards to all solo swimmers and first team in each category
Full results by category published online same day

About the event





The 17th annual Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim on Sunday 29 November 2020 sees the event increase in distance to the standard "Marathon" distance of 10 kilometres.

The race will start earlier than in previous years – at 6.30 AM for solo swimmers, and 6.45 AM for relay teams. To make up the additional distance, the course has been reconfigured, with the 3rd transition now on the northern shore at Galipolli Reach, near Rond Terrace.

From end to end, Lake Burley Griffin presents pristine natural beauty, a playground for recreational enjoyment and competitive sports, and a grand arena for the display of national monuments, symbols and icons. Government House, Parliament House (old and new), the National Museum, National Library, National Gallery and High Court grace its shores with natural reserves, manicured parklands, beaches and civic promenades.

Tackle the entire length of the lake as a major athletic goal; or join with friends to complete the journey in relay.


10 km
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Start time

  • 0630 solos + >50 teams
  • 0645 relay teams <50


  • ONE entry fee rate: solo $85; relay team $95
  • Add $10 one race licence fee for non-TA members
  • ALL entries close 5pm, Friday 27 November


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071-327
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Award categories

  • (trophies for solo 'no wetsuit' categories; medalions for 'wetsuit' categories)
  • 1st to 7th Male and Female Under 50
  • 1st to 3rd Male and Female 50-59
  • 1st and 2nd Male and Female 60-69
  • 1st Male and Female 70 and Over
  • Medalions for 1st All-Male; All-Female and Mixed Relay Teams

Race Information

Solo Swimmers
Solo swimmers must follow the same course as the relay teams, and have their number recorded at each transition point. Swimmers may take rest at any transition point, remembering that the clock does not stop.

Each solo swimmer must provide his or her own helper, who will accompany the swimmer in their own craft - either kayak, canoe or water ski. Each helper may only be responsible for one swimmer. Helpers will be issued with a chest number to be worn throughout the race. Swimmers may take food and drink from their helper, but are not permitted to touch their helper or any craft while in the water. Except while serving food or drink, the helper must stay 3 metres clear of their swimmer, and must give way to overtaking swimmers and craft at all times. It is the helper's responsibility to ensure the timers record their swimmer's number at each transition. Helpers must not interfere with or obstruct the progress of any other swimmer. To do so will incur the disqualification of the helper's swimmer, even if he or she plays no part in such interference.

Wetsuits and Non-Wetsuit Competitors
Main awards will be for solo swimmers not wearing wetsuits, though all solo swimmers completing the course will receive a finisher's award, whether wearing a wetsuit or not. Please notify with entry if you intend swimming with, or without a wetsuit.

Criteria for Entry
All solo swimmers must include with entry a detailed athletic history, including results of previous competitive and endurance swims.

Relay Team Legs

There are 4 legs, as follows:

Leg 1 Scrivener Dam boom to Weston Park west beach, 1.9 km

Leg 2 Weston Park west beach to Yarralumla swimming beach, 2.8 km

Leg 3 Yarralumla swimming beach to Gallipoli Reach, 3.3 km

Leg 4 Gallipoli Reach to Grevillea Park beach, 2 km

Relay Team Categories

Categories for teams are:
all-male (M),
all-female (F),
mixed (X).

Age Restrictions

Minimum age for Relay Team members is 14 years. All Relay Team members under 18 years of age will be accepted to compete only if entry form is accompanied by a letter of permission from a parent or guardian. If entering online, the permission letter(s) must be mailed or faxed to the organisers.

Composition of Relay Teams

Relay Teams may include 2, 3 or 4 members. Each team member must swim one or more complete legs. Each leg must be swum by one team member only, and cannot be sub-divided between team members. One individual may swim separate legs for different teams, as long as these legs are not consecutive.

Team Replacements

Replacement of team members is allowed, provided the replacement does not alter the category of the team. Replacement members must sign the official waiver form at Registration. Also at Registration, names are to be confirmed for each member doing each leg. Changes to this schedule are permitted on the day, provided transition marshals are informed of the change in advance of the leg concerned.

Accompaniment of Team Members

Relay Teams may only accompany their swimmers in any craft, by prior agreement with the organisers.

All competitors who have entered or have been entered into this event online, whether as solo swimmers or relay team members, as well as all replacement team members, must sign the participant waiver before commencing their respective leg or legs of the race. Copies of the waiver will be available at each transition point.

Any competitor who commences a leg without first signing the participant waiver is subject to immediate and automatic disqualification, and is no longer deemed a participant in the event.

Water Temperature
Average temperature in Lake Burley Griffin at this time of year is 17C - 21C, though water temperature can vary markedly from one part of the lake to another.

Wetsuits of no more than 5 mm thickness are allowed for both solo swimmers and relay team members.   There will be a separate category for solo swimmers not wearing wetsuits, though no disctinction will be made in the relay teams divisions between wetsuit or non-wetsuit wearers.

Swim Caps
Swim caps will be issued at Registration,and must be worn throughout the race.

Transition Points

Start (start of leg 1): Scrivener Dam boom, off Scrivener Point

First Transition (start of leg 2): Weston Park west beach

Second Transition (start of leg 3): Yarralumla swimming beach

Third Transition (start of leg 4): Gallipoli Reach (near Rond Terrace)

Finish: Grevillea Park beach

Transition Procedure - Solo Swimmers

Solo swimmers must come to within 5 metres of shore at each transition point, close enough to stand up and have their race number recorded. If instructed to do so, solo swimmers must come ashore and have their condition monitored by medical staff. Swimmers must comply with the instructions of medical staff, including any directive to take rest, receive treatment or withdraw from the race. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

Transition Procedure - Teams

Team members must report to the timing crew to have their name and number recorded, sign the participant waiver, have their number written on and swim cap issued, no less than 15 minutes prior to expected departure. Swimmers may NOT write their own number on themselves! The swimmer exiting the water must come through the chute and have his or her number and time recorded and be cleared by the timing crew, before 'tagging' the next team swimmer in the transition compound, who is then free to depart.

Aid Stations

There will be aid station supplies at each transition point. These will include water, sports drink, First Aid kit, vaseline, sunscreen (all available to swimmers only). Hot soup will be served for all swimmers and official helpers at the finish.

Driving Directions to Transition Points

Start, Scrivener Point. Scrivener Point is off Lady Denman Dr, just to the north of Scrivener Dam. Access to Lady Denman Dr is from Parkes Way or Tuggeranong Parkway coming from the north, or from Cotter Rd coming from the south. Please note that Scrivener Point is a drop-off only area. There is NO PARKING at Scrivener Point or along Lady Denman Dr. Parking is in the car park off Lady Denman Dr just to the south of Scrivener Dam. Please allow 7 - 10 minutes to walk to the start.

Transition 1 - Weston Park west beach. From Scrivener Dam, follow Lady Denman Dr south. Turn left on Cotter Rd, then left again into Dudley St (the first set of traffic lights). Turn left at the roundabout into Novar St, then left again at the next roundabout into Bentham St, at the Yarralumla shops. Turn right into Banks St. Follow Banks St all the way until it becomes Weston Park Rd and enters Weston Park. Turn left into Prescott Lane and park in the car park near the end of Prescott Lane.

Transition 2 - Yarralumla swimming beach. From Transition 1, follow Prescott Lane back to Weston Park Rd. Turn right on Weston Park Rd (which becomes Banks St), then left into Brown St, which becomes Alexandrina Dr. Continue on Alexandrina Dr past the intersection of Hopetoun Circuit, then look for the dirt car park on your left, which leads down to Yaralumla swiming beach. The transition is in front of the "Dreamer of Peace" statue of Sri Chinmoy.

Transition 3 - the transition at Gallipoli Reach is a small beach just to the WEST of Rond Terrace (note that some maps place it to the Weast of Rond Terrace!) Park at Rond Terrace (pay parking!) From Transition 2, follow Alexandrina Dr eastward. Go straight through the roundabout of Flynn Dr, continuing past the Chinese Embassy to turn left onto Commonwealth Ave, passing over Commonwealth Ave bridge. Cross over Parkes Way and take the exit for "City West" and "Airport", looping down onto Parkes Way, now heading west. Continue west along Parkes Way until you come to Rond Terrace, on your right. Park in the car park on the right, off Parkes Way, ensuring you purchase a parking ticket, as fines are regularly issued here on Sundays.

Finish - Grevillea Park. From Transition 3, head out onto Parkes Way heading west. Continue on Parkes Way until it becomes Morshead Dr. Turn right at the next roundabout into Menindee Dr, and park in the car park in Grevillea Park.

Registration and Start Procedures

Team Changes

If necessary, changes to team membership or swimming order can be made at Registration prior to the race start. It is preferable however, to please advise us of any changes before the close of entries.


Compulsory Registration for all Solo Swimmers, their helpers and Leg 1 Relay Team members will take place from 5.30AM at Scrivener Point (off Lady Denman Dr just to the north of Scrivener Dam).

Registration closes at 6.15AM for Solo Swimmers and their helpers, and at 6.20AM am for Teams.

Relay team members for legs 2, 3 and 4 will register at their respective transition point, at least 15 minutes prior to their anticipated departure.

Please note there is very limited at Scrivener Point, or along Lady Denman Drive. Park in the car park on the southern side of Scrivener Dam and walk to Scrivener Point, about 700 metres - allow 7 to 10 minutes for the walk.

All Solo Swimmers and their helpers must attend Registration. Only the first Relay Team swimmer need attend, along with any replacement team members.

Race numbers will be written on the backs of swimmers' hands. Helpers' race numbers and packs will be issued, along with last-minute event information.

Pre-Race Briefing

A pre-race briefing will be given 5 minutes prior to each wave start at Scrivener Point (off Lady Denman Dr to the north of Scrivener Dam).


There is limited parking at the start. Additional parking is available in the car park on the southern side of Scrivener Dam, 700 metres from the start. Please do not park at the National Aquarium.

Start Times and Procedure

The race will start in waves in deep water from the boom off Scrivener Point. Swimmers may position themselves anywhere along the boom, and must be holding the boom with one hand at the start.

Solo Swimmers AND RELAY TEAMS ALL OVER 50 will start at 6.30AM.
Relay Teams (under 50) commence at 6.45AM.

The course will be marked by swim buoys.

All swimmers must follow the course as set on the day. All swimmers must swim to within 2 metres of every designated swim buoy on the course. It is the swimmer's choice whether to pass to the left or right of each swim buoy.

Solo swimmers must come to within 3 metres of the shore at each transition point to have their number recorded.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

The race will be patrolled by 3 boats and a flotilla of canoes and kayaks for directional assistance and safety alert.

Sports Medicine Australia personnel will be in attendance at each transition point and at the finish.

Swimmers finding themselves in any difficulty should immediately signal the nearest craft for assistance. Provided they are not propelled in a forward direction, swimmers may rest on a safety craft indefinitely. Swimmers must obey all directions from race officials at all times. Race officials have the right to withdraw any swimmer from the event at any time.

Cut-Off Times and Procedures

The following cut-off times appear in 24-hour clock time according to Eastern Daylight Savings Time, asssuming that the solo swimmers commence at 0630:

Leg 1 - 0735
Leg 2 - 0845
Leg 3 - 0955
Finish - 1045

In the event that a solo swimmer has not reached a transition point by the cut-off time, he or she will automatically be withdrawn from the race.

In the event that a relay team member does not reach a transition by the cut-off time, his or her team may continue, commencing the next leg at the cut-off time, and will be ineligible for any awards.

Race Finish

The race finish is on the beach at Grevillea Park.


The Awards Ceremony will be held in Grevillea Park at or about 10.15AM.

Special awards will be presented to all Solo Swimmers. Awards will be presented to the first placed team in each of the all-male, all-female and mixed teams divisions.

Race Results

Full race results, including split times for each leg for both solo swimmers and relay teams, will be posted on this website as soon as practicable after the event, along with a race report and photo gallery.

Refunds (minus $10 administration fee) will be made if signed advice of withdrawal is received in writing no later than 5 PM on the last Monday prior to race day.

Inland water bodies are occasionally affected by various natural phenomena such as blue-green algae or bacteria. All areas of Lake Burley Griffin are tested regularly and rigorously, and are subject to closure by the National Capital Authority if the levels of any potentially harmful organisms rise above certain standard measures.

In the event that swimming is prohibited in some part of the lake on the day of the race, an alternate course will be advised. In the event that swimming is prohibited in most or all of Lake Burley Griffin, the race will take place in another of Canberra's lakes, either Lake Ginninderra (pictured) or Lake Tuggeranong. In this instance, the distance of the course and the distance of each relay leg may vary from that advertised. Advice of such changes will be posted on the event website at the earliest opportunity.

If the location of the event is changed or the route altered significantly, winning times achieved on the revised course cannot be recognised as course records.

In the event that swimming is prohibited in all of Canberra's lakes on the advertised race date, the race will be postponed to a later date. If the race is postponed due to lake closure, entrants may elect to transfer their entry to the revised date or place their entry on hold. Entries 'on hold' will be valid until used once for the same event within 3 years successive to the originally advertised date of the race.

Solo Swimmers sans Wetsuit

Male Under 50 - 1:53:44, Benjamin Freeman, 2014
Male 50 - 59 - 2:09:06, John Fox, 2014
Male 60 - 69 - 2:32:57, Jeff Banks, 2008
Male 70 and Over - 3:15:35, Tim Mather, 2015
Female Under 50 – 1:55:27, Jessica Traficante, 2013
Female 50 - 59 - 2:38:16, Jo-Anne Danne, 2008
Female 60 - 69 - 2:56:46, Jannion Di Tommaso, 2017

Leg Record Holder-Male Time Year Record Holder-Female Time Year
1 Benjamin Freeman 19:24 2015 Jessica Traficante 19:27 2013
2 Benjamin Freeman 33:05 2014 Shanyn Sparreboom 32:55 2006
3 Benjamin Freeman 38:56 2015 Jessica Traficante 38:19 2013
4 Benjamin Freeman 20:51 2014 Jessica Traficante 21:48 2011

Solo Swimmers with Wetsuit

Male Under 50 - 1:50:04, Oliver Bourne, 2014
Male 50 - 59 - 2:28:05, Stephen Meredith, 2004
Male 60 - 69 - 2:33:07, Greg Gourley, 2018
Male 70+ - 2:50:26, Geoff Llewellyn, 2009
Male 80+ - 3:06:04, Geoff Llewellyn, 2013
Female Under 50 - 2:12:39, Alanna Hale, 2005
Female 50 - 59 - 2:40:29, Jannion De Tomasso, 2014
Female 60 - 69 - 2:37:11, Jannion De Tomasso, 2015

Leg Record Holder-Male Time Year Record Holder-Female Time Year
1 Oliver Bourne 19:23 2014 Kareena Lee 20:23 2019
2 Oliver Bourne 32:02 2014 Alanna Hale 36:28 2005
3 Warren Keegan 38:00 2013 Alanna Hale 41:30 2005
4 Oliver Bourne 19:55 2010 Kareena Lee 20:49 2019

Relay Teams
Overall Time

Category Time Name Year
All-Male Team 2:05:20 Dickson Old Timers 2006
All-Male Team Over 50 2:17:30 Rod and Reel (Andrew Dawes, Rodney Smith) 2018
All-Male Team Over 60 2:39:19 The Old Guys (Alex Gosman, Terry Dixon) 2017
All-Female Team 2:09:55 Terry Told Us 2004
All-Female Team Over 50 3:14:43 Vikings Vintage 61 Jeanette Droop, Leisa Cass) 2018
All-Female Team Over 60 3:37:09 S.A.S.S.Y (Karina Horton, Helen Rubin) 2018
Mixed Team 1:55:54 GLAN 2014

Fastest Splits for Relay Swimmers

Leg Record Holder-Male Time Year Record Holder-Female Time Year
1 James Thorp 20:58 2018 Chloe Bateup 23:01 2019
2 Mitchell Nemec 32:29 2008 Jessica Traficante 34:04 2009
3 Lars Miller 38:00 2004 Jessica Traficante 38:34 2008
4 James Thorp 22:22 2018 Grace Hoitink 21:57 2014


Previous Results

  • 2019 Dec 1st
    Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim, Sunday 1 December 2019

    Glancing at the first few images form the event photo album, you’d be lulled into imagining today’s swim a serene sojourn, gliding across a glistening mirror-like lake … though by the closing stages, you’ll notice even the seagulls are seeking shelter from the blustering gale…

    54 solo swimmers – a record field for the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim – was boosted by the presence of 7 members of the Australian Open Water Swimming squad, fortuitously in Canberra for a training weekend, and joined by AIS champion Para-Swimmer, Monique Murphy. Although the overall course records (for both wetsuit and non-wetsuit categories) did not fall – and could not have been recognised even if they had fallen, due to a late change to the course necessitated by the closure of the customary location for the 2nd relay transition at Yarralumla Swimming Beach – the average pace at the front of the field was the fastest ever seen.

    Only 3 seconds separated the fastest wetsuited males – Nicholas Sloman edging ahead in 1:55:56 from Bailey Armstrong’s 1:55:59 – while Australian Olympic 10km representative Kareena Lee emerged just in their slipstream to take out the women’s wetsuited crown with an outstanding 1:56:34.

    Next home was the champion wetsuitless swimmer offering the standout swim of the day – Nicholas Rollo with a superb solo swim over 9km of 1:56:48. Following Nicholas came the 2nd and 3rd podium placings in the female wetsuit-wearers; Madisyn Armstrong with 1:57:19 and Mackenzie Brazier in 1:59:03. Never before has this event seen 6 swimmers crossing the line in under 2 hours! (3rd placed wetsuited male, Michael Harding came just 35 seconds after the 2 hour mark).

    David Allen and Nicholas Allnutt were exceptional 2nd and 3rd placegetters of the Solo Male (no wetsuit) category with 2:03:00 and 2:05:47 respectively. Our ever-cheerful AIS Para-Swimmer, Monique Murphy swam an extraordinary 2:19:51 to take out the premier prize in the wetsuitless women’s race; from Ashleigh Webb (2:36:28) and Courtney Bicknell (2:47:44). In other wetsuitless category results, Lesa Hansen was fastest amongst Women 50-59 with 3:20:31; and the youthful Pauline English winner of the Female 60-69 in 3:54:19. Consistent campaigner Alan Vogt was sharp as ever to take out the Male 50-59 in 2:30:04, from Mark Knackstedt’s 2:39:45; while ever-green Graeme Wolfenden yet again drove home with the Male 60-69 champion’s trophy after 3:03:29 in the water.

    The other pre-eminent placings among the wetsuit-clad swimmers went to Nicolee Martin (1st place Female 50-59) with 2:34:04, from Suzie Gunning in 2:50:39; Inge Close (1st place Female 60-69) with an exceptional 2:51:47; Stuart Ludington with 2:45:17 to take out the main prize in the Male 50-59, from Jon Schol’s 2:55:03; and Greg Gourley – a late switch from non-wet to wetsuit wearing to the dismay of his fellow categorians – taking the Male 60-69 in another fine swim  – his 10th consecutive annual conquest of the lake’s length – of 2:41:59, from Grant Lepp’s 3:00:09.

    While the 2nd and 3rd legs of today’s swim were altered by the late change of the Yarralumla transition, nevertheless legs 1 and 4 remained unchanged, hence new best times set for these legs go straight into the record books. Congratulations to our Olympian, Kareena Lee, who established new best times for a female solo swimmer in a wetsuit, for leg 1 of 20:23 and for leg 4 of 20:49; and to Chloe Bateup for the new fastest time for a female relay swimmer for leg 1 of 23:01.

    Fastest All-Female Relay team this morning was the elite “PTC Girls” pairing of Chloe Bateup and Monique De Abreu, with 2:28:28. Best Mixed Team was the “JT Multisport – National Capital Swim Team” combination of Chris Mutton, Joseph Pascall and Josie Pepper with 2:20:17; the winning All-Male Team was “Just Keep Swimming”, comprising Shaun Harris and Corey Bacon in 2:21:31; while the tried and true “Rod and Reel” (Andrew Dawes and Rod Smith), proved their previous wins in the All-Male All Over 50 teams category were no fluke, with 2:32:23 pirating yet more silverwear back up the Hume to Goulburn!

    Gratitude to all who make this landmark event possible, including members of the Canberra Canoe Club and YMCA Sailing Club, Sports Trainers from Sports Medicine Australia (ACT) and volunteers from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team from Canberra, Mongolia, Latvia, England, New Zealand, Czech Republic and the USA.

    2020 will see a few innovations at the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim: a modified course, new distance and changed start time. Stay tuned for details to be announced early in the New Year.

  • 2018 Dec 2nd
    Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim, Sunday 2 December 2018

    Ah, the joys of Spring!

    Too many race reports start with talk about the weather – and this will be another, for the wind bestrode this event as it owned Lake Burley Griffin today and all activity thereon. Some swimmers became seasick and several were forced to withdraw when choppy waves became unnavigable and support paddlers themselves became swimmers after being upended in the swell. The advantage of a tailwind was largely lost through the extra distance covered vertically as well as horizontally in the effort to maintain any sense of direction. Efforts to hoist the inflatable finish arch were abandoned as the height of folly.

    The closest tussle in the lake today was between eventual winner of the Solo Female race in 2:32:13, Emily Kempson from runner-up Georgy Falster’s 2:33:35. Emily never led by more than 30 seconds for the first 8km, with Georgy having the advantage through the final transition at Commonwealth Place before Emily turned up the effort on the final leg to bring home the win. Samantha Doust completed the podium placings with 2:37:23. Nicolee Martin was the standout in the Solo Female 50-59, winning in 3:03:24 from a virtual dead-heat for 2nd placing between Liz Crowhurst (3:43:02) and Dee Greenwood (3:43:03).

    Nicholas Grinter has always done well at the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim, though there has usually been one or more superstars of the sport ahead of him. Today was Nicholas’ day, leading from the outset to record a fine win in 2:22:13 withstanding a strong challenge from 2nd placed Michael Pranckl in 2:22:48. Pierre Lord came in 3rd with an excellent 2:24:01; though he decided against his original plan to swim the return leg back to the start in the face of the monstrous headwind and considerable peril to paddlers that would have entailed.

    Stuart McNeill led home the Males 50-59 with 2:24:17 in a gutsy swim, ahead of Ant Schwager (2:29:55) and and Mark Knackstedt (2:37:06). Jon Schol took the award for the Males 50-59 wearing a wetsuit in his debut swim at this distance in 2:54:26.

    Greg Gourley is in a class of his own in the Male 60-69 category, and though he elected to wear a wetsuit today, Greg emerged from the churning water in a fleeting 2:33:07 looking like he had just swum a few warm-up laps of the local pool.

    Katie Binstock was unchallenged in the Solo Females wearing a wetsuit, taking her division in 2:45:24. Of the Solo Males wearing a wetsuit, Nicolas Campos was fastest in a sleek 2:30:32, from Brendan Cook’s 2:35:35 and Paul Jeffery in 2:46:58. Inge Close won the Solo Female 60-69 with a wetsuit in a very impressive 2:43:35, only seconds ahead of her wetsuit-wearing younger competitors in the Female 50-59, won by Sue Lyon in 2:43:57.

    The fastest combination of the morning was the mixed team of “JT Multisport” (James Thorp, Joe Pascall & Grace Hoitink) who made it from one end of the lake to the other in a mere 2:02:50. The famed Goulburn pairing of “Rod and Reel” (Andrew Dawes & Rod Smith) were next fastest, taking out the All-Male Team All-Over 50 division in 2:17:30. “Zig and zag” was the most aptly named team of the day, with Janelle Ahern and Melanie Wellenberg alternating legs to bring home 1st place trophies in the All-Female Team with a combined 2:33:11. “Old Guys Rule” (Terry Eveston & Scott Kristiansen – who were indeed beaten by the older guys!) meanwhile won the All-Male Team in 3:07:53.

    Once we figured out who was who in the elder ladies’ teams divisions, “Vikings Vintage 61” (Jeanette Droop & Leisa Cass) took out the All-Female Team All Over 50 division in 3:14:43; while Team “SASSY” (Helen Rubin & Karina Horton) were victorious in the All-Female Team All Over 60 with 3:37:09.

    Our special thanks today to the support paddlers from Canberra Canoe Club – and to all the personal padder-helpers who cheerfully or foolishly braved the breakers – along with wholehearted assistance from the crews from the YMCA Sailing Club and medical support from Sports Medicine Australia.

  • 2017 Nov 26th
    Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim, 26 November 2017

    It is not often that a solo swimmer – without a wetsuit – will defeat all of the relay teams – most of whom are wetsuit-clad – and by a long way. Yet Ned Wieland did just that today, the 16-year old clocking a mighty impressive 2:04:03 for the 9km length of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin to record his first victory in this event. This is the 4th time Ned has completed this epic swim, and his fastest time to date.

    The next 2 swimmers home were also soloists though both were swimming in the wetsuit divisions. It proved to be a battle of the sexes among the wetsuit wearers which ebbed and flowed between Glen Downey and Ellie Hoitink. Ellie set the early pace and had a one-minute lead into the 1st transition. Glen gradually reeled Ellie in though and took the lead on the 3rd leg, finally winning in 2:14:03 with Ellie taking out the Female wetsuit race in 2:15:10, just ahead of 2nd placed Male sans wetsuit, Nicholas Grinter in 2:15:50.

    Among the relay teams participating today were a surprising number of pairs (teams of 2). The winning All-Male team who came in next, in 2:20:50, was the “Tenacious Turtles”, a pairing of Paul Rinder and Tim Staunton Smith. Three more Solo Male No-Wetsuit competitors followed: German Michael Pranckl in an impressive 2:23:49; then Michael Brennan, backing up his 2nd placed Solo in last week’s gruelling Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon in 2:28:16; followed closely by Todd Hayward in 2:28:58.

    “Rod and Reel” – the All-Male Over 50s pairing from Goulburn of Andrew Dawes and Rodney Smith – bettered they own course record for this category set last year, with a new best time now under two and a half hours, of 2:29:44. “The Old Guys Again” – Canberra duo of Alex Gosman and Terry Dixon – did exactly the same thing, breaking their own record set just last year, this time clocking 2:39:19 for the distance.

    Jocelyn Pollock was fastest Female Without a Wetsuit, winning the race in 2:32:54 from Kathryn McCabe (2:59:48) and Melinda Bruce (3:04:30). Sally Catt took the Female 50-59 category in 3:17:12; while Jannion Di Tommaso made history by being the first woman over 60 to swim the length of Lake Burley Griffin without a wetsuit in under 3 hours! Her new record time sits at the very impressive mark of 2:56:46.

    Still with the Non-Wetsuit swimmers, Stuart McNeill took out the Male 50-59 category in 2:33:02; and Graeme Wolfenden the Male 60-69 with 2:49:11.

    Winning the remaining Wetsuit categories were:

    Female 50-59: Bronwyn Platz, 3:23:47
    Female 60-69: Heather Urie, 3:41:53
    Male 50-59: Tim Garrett: 2:58:32

    The winners of the other teams categories:

    All-Female Team: “Vikings Pocket Rockets” (Atsuko McGowan and Suzie Gunning), 2:50:16
    Mixed Team: “The Sinking Sea Cows” (Kurt Warn, Olivia, Claire and Mark Stutchbury), 2:50:48

    Very special congratulations and our undying wonder and amazement to Eli Ball, who completed the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim for the second time swimming the entire distance butterfly! – in the excellent time of 3:27:28.

    Our gratitude to the YMCA Sailing Club and Canberra Canoe Club for providing on-water safety; and to Sports Medicine Australia for medical support.

  • 2016 Dec 4th
    Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim, 4 December 2016

    “Splendid” is a word that almost suffered from over-use on Sunday 4 December, in the mouths of those describing the weather and conditions for the 14th annual Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim. If swimmers had been asked to pre-book the conditions in advance, this is the day many would have dreamed of.

    Among the Solo Simmers (No Wetsuit), the girls were right up there with the lead boys; Emma Gillingham and Isabella Coghlan both swimming superb races to place 2nd and 3rd outright. Swimming smoothly, powerfully and with great determination, Emma won the Women’s race in 2:05:10, from Isabella’s 2:07:40 and Jenna Freeman in 2:21:21.

    Ben Freeman, the defending course record holder, swam a superbly controlled race over the full 9km to win outright in 1:58:45, the only competitor today (including all teams) to break the gold standard 20hour barrier. Behind him were two lion-hearted youths in Eskindir (“Skinny”) Gavel  (2:08:54) and Ned Wieland (2:10:29).

    Lloyd Dobson triumphed in the Male 50-59 with 2:49:50; and Greg Gourley, a stalwart of this race,  celebrated his 60th birthday by taking out the Male 60-69 premiere trophy in 2:59:36.

    Nicole Martin won the Female 50-59 in a fine 2:50:13; with Jannion Di Tommaso continuing her winning run at this race, winning the Female 60-69 in 3:15:38.

    Sarah Murphy took out the Women’s (wetsuit) race in 2:44:00; while Sue Lyon took out the Female 50-59 with 3:10:30. Peter Turner won the Male 50-59 (wetsuit) with 3:03:09; and Bob Weldon the Male 60-69 (wetsuit) in 3:17:02. Geoff Llewellyn continues to amaze and inspire us all, taking out the Male 80 and Over division just days after his 83rd birthday, in 3:33:35.

    A feature of the teams categories this year was the number of pairs not only participating, but doing extremely well. In the All-Female Teams, the pairing of “Claire and Katie” (Claire Fishpool and Katie Binstock) headed all of the more numerously-membered teams, winning in 2:44:06.

    Three more pairs even set new course records, all in the “Veterans Teams” categories: “Rod and Reel” (Goulburn’s Andrew Dawes and Rodney Smith) broke the previous record in the All-Male Team (All Over 50) with their 2:31:48; while the illustrious pairing of Alex Gosman and Terry Dixon (“The Old Guys”) laid down a new best time for the All-Male Team (All Over 60) of 2:48:33. Yet another pair of Deborah Johns and Helen Rubin (”S.A.S.S.Y.”) set a new best-time for the All-Female Team (All Over 60) of 4:22:32.

    “3 Mates and a Carp” (Greg Mitchell, Matty Hardy, Tyrone Compton and Mick Hanbury) proved too good in the All-Male Teams (Open), winning in 2:30:34; while late entry “The Swimpsons” (Oscar Johnston, Kylie Message and Guy Jones) took out the Mixed Teams division in 2:23:00.

    The organisers wish to thank the members of the Canberra Canoe Club, YMCA Sailing Club and Sports Medicine Australia for their invaluable and much appreciated service. Congratulations to all swimmers who took to the water on this memorable and most enjoyable occasion.