Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic

Kosciuszko National Park & Lake Jindabyne

A unique multi-sport indulgence in the lap of Australia's Snowy Mountains

An all-day exploration of one of Australia's most beautiful areas
Something for everyone: 12 legs, 4 disciplines, easier and tougher legs
Participate Solo or in a relay team of 4 or up to 12 members
Only two hours' drive from Canberra

About the event

Swim 1.5km + paddle 9km + run 6km + mountain bike 8km + swim 2.5km + paddle 5.5km + mountain bike 9km + run 12.5km + mountain bike 42.8km + swim 1.2km + paddle 9.5km + run 5km ...

The Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic is a 12-leg, all-day adventure for Solo Athletes and Relay Teams combining swimming, mountain biking, paddling and running in, on and around beautiful Lake Jindabyne. The race will be staged for the 11th time on Sunday the 5th of March 2017.

Set in the idyllic surrounds of Lake Jindabyne in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, the race combines water and land-based sports over 12 legs, ranging in difficulty from mild to strenuous. The race is ideally suited to Relay Teams of varying tastes and capacities, or for Solo Athletes seeking a complete all-day test of skill, stamina and fitness.

The course is varied, with 3 mountain bike legs ranging from easy to highly technical; 3 running courses from flat to very not-flat; 3 swims of between 1.2 and 2.5 kms; and 3 paddles of 5.5 to 9.5 kms. The swims and paddles criss-cross most of Lake Jindabyne, while the mountain bikers and runners thoroughly explore the rugged Eastern Escarpment, rolling farmland of the Western Shore, and bushland of the adjoining Kosciuszko National Park.

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12 legs of swimming, paddling, mountain biking and running

Start time

  • 6.45 am for solo athletes
  • 7 am for relay teams


  • Before 5pm, 21 February 2017: Solo $180; T4 $240; T12 $260
  • After 5pm, 21 February 2017: Solo $210; T4 $270; T12 $290


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071-327
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Award categories

  • Trophies for all Solo finishers
  • Trophies for 1st 3 teams in each category

Course maps

View the full course map »

From the list below, select a leg to read the full course description and to view the course map.

Leg 1 Swim 1.5 km Course Description
Leg 2 Paddle 9 km Course Description
Leg 3 Run 6 km Course Description
Leg 4 Mountain Bike 8 km Course Description
Leg 5 Swim 2.5 km Course Description
Leg 6 Paddle 5.5km Course Description
Leg 7 Mountain Bike 9 km Course Description
Leg 8 Run 12.5 km Course Description
Leg 9 Mountain Bike 42.8 km Course Description
Leg 10 Swim 1.2 km Course Description
Leg 11 Paddle 9.5 km Course Description
Leg 12 Run 5 km Course Description



Event Information

This race is sanctioned by Triathlon NSW as a member of Triathlon Australia, and is conducted in accordance with Triathlon Australia race rules, with the exception of those rules covering drafting on the bike course. Drafting is permitted in this event.

The race rules which pertain to this event are set out on the Triathlon Australia website. Click here for the PDF.

Athletes may use any form of craft for the paddle legs of the race, provided the craft is occupied and powered by the athlete alone, employing one single- or double-bladed paddle. PFDs must be worn at all times while in the craft.

There will be no handicap system to distinguish between faster and slower craft. It is the athletes' prerogative to choose whichever form of craft he or she feels most comfortable with. It is permitted to use different craft for different legs of the race, though it is not permitted to swap craft in the course of a leg.

In the mountain bike legs, athletes may use any bike of their choice and may use different bikes for different legs, but may not swap bikes in the course of a leg, ie the same bike must be used for the entire leg.

For all pre-entered Teams and Solo Athletes, compulsory registration will be between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm, Saturday 5 March 2016 outside the Snowy Mountains Visitor Information Centre, on Kosciuszko Rd in the centre of Jindabyne.

If you have made any changes to the membership of your team, these will need to be entered into the database at Registration. If you have made changes to the composition or order of your team, please report first to the "Team Changes" table to record these changes, then proceed to collect race numbers and helpers' passes and get numbers written on swimmers' arms or hands. Collect information on any last-minute course alterations and meet with some of your competitors.

There are 2 Categories of Teams, and 3 Divisions within each Category. The Categories are: Teams of 4 (which may include Teams of 2 or 3), and Teams of 12 (which may include from 5 to 12 members). The Divisions are: Open, All-Female and Mixed.

To qualify for a Mixed Team award, at least four of the twelve legs of the race must be completed by a female team member (ie four females can complete one leg each, one female can complete two legs and another can do two, or one female can complete four legs to meet the minimum requirement.)

Mixed Teams not meeting this criteria will automatically be entered in the Open Division.

Every Solo Athlete must have a personal helper to attend to his or her needs throughout the race. Teams are responsible for their own assistance.

Solo Athletes' helpers will be issued with an official helper's ID number at Registration. Each helper may only be responsible for one athlete. Solo Athletes' helpers may provide assistance of any kind anywhere on the course, with the exception of pacing (ie swimming, riding, paddling or running with the athlete for more than 30 seconds), or physically assisting the athlete to move in a forward direction (ie pushing, holding or towing the athlete). Helpers may row or paddle ahead of the athlete during the second and third swim legs (not the first swim leg), provided they stay at least 5 metres clear of the athlete. Helpers may touch the athlete as long as he or she is stationary, and may assist with clothing, equipment (including mechanical assistance), food & drinks, as well as motivational, inspirational and directional advice. Helpers are fully and exclusively responsible for the condition and security of the athlete's equipment, and transport of that equipment from one transition compound to the next. Helpers may not interfere with or impede the progress of any other competitor. To do so will incur the disqualification of the helper's athlete, even if he or she has no part in such interference.

Teams - Teams must provide their own assistance and transport.   Due to restricted parking space, only ONE vehicle per Team is permitted at each Transition. Only members of a team may provide assistance to a team member in the course of the event. All other conditions are the same as apply to the Solo Athletes' helpers. Any team member impeding or interfering with the progress of any other competitor or team will incur the disqualification of his or her entire team.

Replacement of team members is allowed, provided the replacement does not alter the Division or Category of the team (ie all-female to mixed, or 4-person to 12-person).

Replacement members must be registered at Registration on Saturday at the latest.   Also at Registration, names are to be confirmed for each member doing each leg.   Changes to this schedule will be permitted on the day, provided transition marshals are informed of the change in advance of the leg concerned.

Please note that all competitors who have entered or have been entered into this event online, whether as Solo Athletes or Team members, must sign the participant waiver before commencing their respective leg or legs of the race.

Copies of the waiver will be available at each transition area.

Any competitor who commences a leg without first signing the participant waiver is subject to immediate and automatic disqualification, and is no longer deemed a participant in the event.

The 2016 Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic will start in 1 wave from the swimming area adjacent to the boat ramp at Kalkite Waters.

Solo Athletes and All Teams will enter the water at 6.45 am.

Please assemble at the beach for final check-in fifteen minutes prior to your start time (ie 6.30 am). Final briefing will commence five minutes before start time.

Please play your part to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all.

The Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic is being attended by members of the Volunteer Marine Rescue (NSW) and medical-trained personnel. All course marshals and every transition will have mobile phones. Radio-equipped boats will be patrolling Lake Jindabyne, in addition to smaller craft. All runners and mountain bikers are urged to carry mobile phones to report any emergencies.

The most important component of ensuring a safe event is common sense, particularly on the mountain bike courses. Carry ample fluids and energy foods. Carefully check your brakes and tyres the day before the race. Please exercise care while negotiating all descents, especially if you are unfamiliar with the course, as some sections particularly on the 1st and 3rd mountain bike courses are really steep and rocky. The time lost through sensible caution is nothing compared to the time lost through a trip to the hospital.

Beware of snakes. We have encountered several brown snakes in preparations for this event. In case of snakebite, remain where you are and alert the next athlete to seek immediate help.

This is an endurance event, where a spirit of mutual assistance will benefit all. No amount of planning can adequately protect a 100 kilometre course over open water and through bushland, and many sections are without marshals for many kilometres. If you encounter another athlete in difficulty, please stop to ascertain their condition and lend assistance where possible, and be sure to report the situation either by mobile phone or to the next marshal you see. Thank you for your kind assistance and spirit of oneness.

If you are in distress at any time in the water, immediately raise your arm to signal for assistance from the nearest craft.

Swim caps are compulsory in all three swims (these will be issues at Registration), and wet suits are optional.

Particular care must be taken by individual athletes before and during the second and third swims, as leg muscles tend to cramp in the water after extended use. Take time at the transitions to replenish with electrolytes and fuel, and allow your heart rate to diminish. Thoroughly stretch all leg muscles before entering the water. Race officials have the responsibility to prevent you from entering the water if they feel you are distressed or overly fatigued. Once in the water, keep your legs moving as much as possible, to encourage blood flow. In case of cramping, signal to the nearest craft. You may rest on the craft as long as you need, or on dry land if close enough. It is advisable to practise your bike/swim transitions in advance.

Each team athlete must check-in with officials at the transition 15 minutes prior to their anticipated start-time. The team-member completing the previous leg must complete his or her course and be recorded by officials before tagging the next member, who is then free to depart.

There will be full aid station supplies at each transition point. These will include water, sports drink, fruit, sweets, First Aid kit, vaseline, sunscreen (all of which are available to competitors only), and either public toilets or Port-a-loo.

Access to transition compounds is restricted to race officials, Solo Athletes' helpers (wearing helper's ID), approved media and team members involved in the changeover.

Every athlete must carry a reasonable supply of water and fluids on every run, mountain bike and paddle leg, either in a back-mounted hydration system or in drink containers held in belt-straps or clothing.

There will be a full aid station at every transition point, offering fruit, sweets, sports bars, water and sports drink, sun block and vaseline, as well as rudimentary bike repair equipment.   Mountain bikers are advised to carry a full repair kit and 2 spare tubes.

Aside from the lake itself, the course for the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic explores Snowy River Shire Council land, Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Hydro land (lake foreshores), private farmland and the Jindabyne urban fringe.

We are all very fortunate to have been granted permission to stage this event through all these area. The authorities and officers of Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Hydro, private landowners and Snowy River Shire Council have been overwhelmingly cooperative and helpful.

However, please be aware that this event takes place in a public as well as a natural domain. We do not have exclusive use of any of these areas, all of which are used by many people on weekends. Each of the run courses occupy tracks which are designed for walkers, not runners. We are the walkers' guests.   Please give way and show courtesy to all walkers using these tracks.

Please do not litter any where on the course.   Carry your litter with you and dispose of it in the bins provided at each transition or at the finish.   Let us aim for the race to leave no footprint, for the course to remain immaculate.

Lake Jindabyne can be subject to windy conditions at any time of day, any time of year.

In the event of high winds, the organisers reserve the right to cancel or amend one or more of the paddle and swim legs.

The management of Kosciuszko National Park reserve the right to cancel any or all of the legs through the Park in the event of extreme heat or potentially dangerous weather conditions.

If any leg or legs are cancelled or amended either in the lead-up or on the day of the race, organisers will endeavour to stage an alternative leg or legs, subject to prevailing conditions.   Organisers reserve the right however whether directed by authorities or not,   to shorten, alter or cancel any leg or legs of the race within reason, and without warning.

In the event that the race is called off completely prior to the start, the race will be postponed to a later date.   Only if the race is postponed, entrants may elect to transfer their entry to the revised date or place their entry on hold.   Entries 'on hold' will be valid until used once for the same event within 3 years successive to the date of the original entry.

Once the race has commenced, the race entry will be deemed to have been 'used' and is not redeemable, even if the event is called off before its scheduled finish.

Race numbers are recorded at number checkpoints and transition compounds throughout the race. Anyone whose number is not recorded within a reasonable time will become the object of a search (and, if necessary, rescue) mission.

For this reason, any individual or team member choosing to withdraw from the event must inform, or have their helper inform either an official course marshal or a race official at an aid station or a transition compound.

In the event of a team member being unable to complete his or her leg, another team member may complete that leg on his or her behalf, provided race officials are informed of the details and circumstances before the replacement team member proceeds. The resulting split time for that leg will not be credited to any team member, and the team will not be eligible for awards. Otherwise, the team may choose to leave that leg uncompleted and another team member may start the next leg, commencing from the advertised cut-off time of the previous leg. In this case, the team will be allowed to proceed, and other team members' split times will be recorded, but the team will be recorded as a DNF, ineligible for awards.

After the following times, there will be no marshals, checkpoints or transitions set up on the course, and split times will not be recorded. Athletes continuing after these times will do so at their own risk, and will be deemed to be not part of the event.

All times listed are in Time of Day, which assumes that the race starts on time at 0645.

Swim 1 - 0735 Paddle 1 - 0850 Run 1 - 0935
MTB 1 - 1025 Swim 2 - 1100 Paddle 2 - 1150
MTB 2 - 1230 Run 2 - 1410 MTB 3 - 1710
Swim 3 - 1735 Paddle 3 - 1900 Run 3 - 1930

An additional cut-off will be applied on Run2 at Sawpit Creek at the start of the Waterfall Loop. Solo athletes who feel they may not meet later cut-off times may elect to miss the 6 km Waterfall Loop and proceed directly to the transition to MTB3 at the Sawpit Creek Education Centre. This leg would then have no split time recorded and the athlete would officially be recorded as a DNF, but would be allowed to continue with the remaining legs. Any runner who does not reach the beginning of the Waterfall Loop at Sawpit Creek by 1350 will not be allowed to proceed on the Waterfall Loop, and will automatically be directed to the transition. Assuming he or she reaches the transition by 1420, he or she will be permitted to continue onto MTB3.

Any Solo Athlete who has not started any given leg by the cut-off time for the previous leg may not be allowed to continue. Any athlete starting Run3, the final run leg after 1845 must be accompanied by his or her helper or team-mate with a torch. A sweeper will follow the backmarker throughout the course in a boat, on a mountain bike, and on foot.

In the event that a team member fails to complete his or her leg before the designated cut-off time, another team member will be allowed to start the next leg at that time. In this case, the team will be permitted to proceed, and all ensuing team members' split times will be recorded, but the team will be recorded as a DNF, ineligible for any awards.

Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Clasic fastest overall and leg split times by category...

Solo Male Overall (old course) - 7:52:53, Jody Zerbst, 2005
Solo Male Overall (new course) - 9:41:17, Tim Boote, 2016
Solo Male Over 50 Overall (old course) -  11:49:47, Peter Macartney, 2005
Solo Male Over 50 (new course) - 12:14:30, Jon Schol, 2016
Solo Female Overall (old course) -  10:06:57, Alina McMaster, 2005
Solo Female Overall (new course) -  11:17:00, Julie Quinn, 2008

Leg Record Holder-Solo Male Time Year Record Holder-Solo Female Time Year
1st Swim Jody Zerbst 21:07 2005 Leone Jansen 25:44 2006
1st Paddle Andrew Peterson 43:38 2005 Alina McMaster 50:36 2005
1st Run Jeremy Ross 26:06 2005 Alina McMaster 38:47 2016
1st Bike (old) Jason Chalker 35:17 2005 Zoe King 46:24 2005
1st Bike (new) Tim Boote 35:15 2016 Alina McMaster 48:59 2016
2nd Swim Jody Zerbst 39:48 2005 Leone Jansen 49:02 2005
2nd Paddle Jeremy Ross 27:23 2005 Alina McMaster 32:12 2005
2nd Bike Jody Zerbst 21:53 2005 Alina McMaster 30:29 2005
2nd Run Jody Zerbst 1:04:55 2005 Julie Quinn 1:23:38 2009
3rd Bike (old) Jason Chalker 1:17:44 2005 Julie Quinn 1:39:46 2005
3rd Bike (new) Klayten Smith 2:19:05 2016 Julie Quinn 2:41:51 2008
3rd Swim (old) Jody Zerbst 17:29 2005 Zoe King 22:33 2005
3rd Swim (new) Michael Brennan 22:52 2016 Julie Quinn 29:51 2008
3rd Paddle Matt Acheson 53:01 2008 Sharon Dilly 59:55 2011
3rd Run Trevor Fairhurst 21:15 2005 Julie Quinn 23:02 2008

Teams Overall Time (old course, pre-2007)

Category Time Name Year
Open Team of 4 7:50:35 Bike + Board 2006
Female Team of 4 9:33:43 The Go Go Four 2006
Mixed Team of 4 7:55:02 INADAZE 2006
Open Team of 12 8:58:07 Steve's Team 2005
Female Team of 12 11:51:10 Simon Says 2005
Mixed Team of 12 9:07:57 Family Feud 2006

Teams Overall Time (new course, post-2007)

Category Time Name Year
Open Team of 4 8:17:01 32 Flavours 2014
Female Team of 4 10:19:45 Bike Culture girls plus a paddler 2008
Female Team of 4 all over 50 10:47:51 Go Go Girls 50+ 2007
Mixed Team of 4 8:40:12 Entropic 2010
Open Team of 12 8:57:14 Dark Horse 2008
Female Team of 12 11:52:11 Local Lasses 2008
Mixed Team of 12 9:22:23 The Sequins 2010


Teams Fastest Splits

Leg Record Holder-Male Time Year Record Holder-Female Time Year
1st Swim Jan Celustka 18:30 2006 Shanyn Sparreboom 19:44 2010
1st Paddle Ian Kennerley 38:35 2011 Deanna Blegg 46:27 2011
1st Run Bart McPherson 27:02 2011 Sally Parker 31:22 2011
1st Bike (old) Kevin Moore 31:31 2007 Jane Scheer 38:16 2006
1st Bike (new) Brent Miller 27:34 2011 Tara Sutherland 40:10 2016
2nd Swim Jason Moore 32:12 2006 Heather Evans 34:24 2005
2nd Paddle Joe Andrews 23:38 2015 Emma Peters 26:03 2008
2nd Bike Danny Wright 24:27 2015 Tara Sutherland 29:55 2016
2nd Run John Nay 53:25 2005 Julie Quinn 1:12:26 2011
3rd Bike (old) Simon Niemeyer 1:12:04 2005 Penny Burrell 1:27:09 2005
3rd Bike (new) David Simpfendorfer 1:54:04 2010 Libby Adamson 2:23:43 2009
3rd Swim (old) Jan Celustka 13:03 2006 Heather Evans 14:27 2005
3rd Swim (new) Jacques Lepron 17:14 2016 Shanyn Sparreboom 16:09 2010
3rd Paddle Gavin Granger 42:14 2010 Gabrielle Hurley 53:28 2011
3rd Run Bart McPherson 15:52 2010 Judi Barton 20:18 2005


Transitions and driving instructions

A crucial aspect of this event: finding your way from one transition point to the next, on time! Due to limited parking space, there is a limit of one vehicle per team at each transition. Drive over the course and plan your strategy in advance. A good map of the area is indispensable. With the aid of a map, the following instructions may be of assistance...


Directions to Kalkite Waters
Directions to Rushes Bay, East Jindabyne
Directions to South Tyrolean Cove
Directions to The Haven
Directions to Minnehaha Inlet, Hatchery Bay
Directions to Michaels Corner
Directions to Kosciuszko National Park Education Centre
Directions to Creel Bay
Directions to Wollondibby Inlet
Directions to Banjo Patterson Park


Story archive

For the full flavour of the event, we strongly recommend you read some of the first-hand accounts of the race from previous competitors, both Solo Athletes and Teams, collected in the story archive.

We welcome your story – either as a competitor, helper or spectator!  Please send your story with photos if possible, to for inclusion in the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic story archive.

Previous Results

  • 2016 Mar 6th
    Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic, 6 March 2016, Results

    Love conquers all.

    One month prior to the 2016 edition of the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic, with only 5 entries received, it seemed the event had lost its appeal and might have breathed its last.

    This prospect brought forth a surge of affection and enthusiasm for the race which saw this number multiply tenfold in the next 3 weeks …

    … and so the race lives on, thanks entirely to the love of its participants. Our gratitude especially to Michael Brennan – who beat the drum far and wide – and locals from the Jindabyne area for their eager support and faith in this event. The increased participation from local teams also attracted more spectators and supporters, with lots of children adding a happy, festival atmosphere to the transition zones.

    The morning dawned calm under a crescent moon above Kalkite, portent of a bright, clear day. 6 solo athletes and 44 relay teams took the plunge for the 1.5km triangular swim in the warm (24 degree) waters at the head of Lake Jindabyne.

    The race among the Solo Males proved to be an epic – though placings out of the first swim would prove deceptive, as the final three finishers completed the opening leg in the reverse order of their final standing. Michael Brennan was consistently fastest in the swims, taking the lead again after the second (2.5km) swim leg. It was the first paddle leg however, that revealed the most crucial factor in the ultimate contest – the superior paddling power of defending champion Tim Boote. Klayten Smith – a former winner of Canberra's Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon (which has no paddling) – made his serious move through the two toughest legs of the race, the 11.5km run up the Pallaibo Track and Waterfall Loop, and the following 42.8km mountain bike ride into the heart of the National Park, over Botherum Plain and behind Mt Kalkite. Starting the second run leg with a 14 minute deficit, he reduced this to 4 minutes at Sawpit Creek. By the top of the climb out of the Snowy River on the long bike ride, Klayten had taken the lead. The pair matched stroke for stroke through the final swim and into the transition at Creel Bay, only for Tim to draw away once more in the final paddle leg to win in the end by a convincing 7 minutes. Both smashed the course record which Tim had set only the year before, his new mark now standing at 9:41:17. Astonishingly, Tim finished 2nd outright and Klayten 4th outright even among all the teams. Michael took 3rd among the solos, finishing in 10:42:33. Each of the 3 solo male finishers came away with a new course record for various legs: Tim set a new best time for the 1st MTB course; Klayten a new fastest for the long 3rd MTB; and Michael for the 3rd swim.

    Alina McMaster won the inaugural Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic in 2005, returning 11 years later to conquer the now-longer and tougher course solo once more and inspire us all, a true champion soaring through the challenges/opportunities of age, family and a litany of injuries. Drawing on immense courage and determination, Alina thrilled all with her rousing performance. She also set new Solo Female course records for the 1st run and MTB legs, which have been revised since the original course she raced in 2005.

    Though they were not pitted against each other, there was nevertheless an intriguing race between Alina and Jon Schol, racing for the first time in the Male 50+. They took turns in the lead until the decisive long ride when Jon pulled away en route to establishing a new course record for his category of 12:14:30.

    Standout team of the day – leading from leg 3 to the finish and ultimately winning by a full hour from the runners-up – "Cross, Johnny and the Flying Fishers" (Ryan Cross, Brad Fisher, John Morton and Tim Fisher), easily won the "T4 Open" division from "Inhibitory Synapse" (Peter Velloza, Simon Robertson, Sean Chan and Andrew Grifffin) and "3 Men and a Baby" (Matt Backhouse, Ray Bostleman, Derek Shearer and Steve Baker) – all under the magical 10 hours. 5th placed T4 Open "Hasbeens" featured the star swimmer of the day, Jacques Lepron, who swam the fastest time for each of the 3 swim legs, including a new course record for Swim 3.

    "Yeah no kids" (Philippa Woodhill, Claire Edwards, Nicolee Martin and Carolyn Droste) took out the T4 All-Female in 12:15:26; while "32 Flavours" returned as a 3-person ensemble of Milly Brent, Ron Brent and Steve Hanley to handsomely win the T4 Mixed category in 10:09:18 from "Slinky" (Heather Lawton, Andrew Slocombe, Tom Landon-Smith and Michelle Greche) and "CGS Outdoor" (Peter Macartney, Sue Donoghoe, Laura Marshall and Mark Vogel).

    The distinction between "Open" and "Mixed" teams is that a Mixed team must have at least 4 legs completed by female team members.  Therefore "Open" includes all-male teams and teams with fewer than 4 legs completed by females – meaning that Open teams generally return faster results than Mixed teams and feature higher in the Overall standings – but not today! A notable feature of this race was the extraordinary dominance of the Mixed teams over the Open teams in the T12 division.

    "Team KAOS" – mostly young girls and few "oldies" – powered by 2 bike leg records from Tara Sutherland (MTB 1 and MTB 2), were involved in two great races, both of which they won in 10:01:21. Swapping places constantly with "Jindy Jokers" until Paul Cuthbert's decisive long run/long ride combo gave them a large enough lead, the KAOS crew took the T12 Mixed from the local team's 10:04:29 by a mere 3 minutes. Their other race was for fastest T12 team outright against the 1st placed T12 Open team, "Geese" (10:01:57). Powerful paddling from Geese's Greg Dolgopolov put them into the lead at the last transition. only for Ella Curthbert to catch Greg on the final run into Banjo Patterson Park and win the T12 Division by 36 seconds.

    "Get Nicked" were the next T12 Mixed team in 10:18:12 from the impressive "Obie Crew" in 10:27:01, who had led the T12s for most of the day. "Chuggin'n Chafin'" came 2nd in the T12 Open in 10:38:22 from "Puffins" in 11:09:48.

    Our gratitude to all who helped make this gathering such a memorable day: to June Weston for allowing us to ride through her property; to Les Threlfo and the Volunteer Marine Rescue for on-water safety and support; to Craig Stonestreet, Paul Gardiner and their eager team of volunteers for maintaining and enhancing the amazing network of tracks that form the MTB 1 course (and to Paul for sweeping all 3 MTB courses on the day); to Doug Chatten for medical support; to the ever-helpful Andrew Miller and the staff of Kosciuszko National Park HQ; to Soren, Tim, William and Kelly for paddle support on the 3 swim courses; to Snowy Hydro for permission to stage the race on their lake and land; to Snowy River Shire Council for permits, road signage and assistance; the NSW Police (Queanbeyan); NSW RMS for a Road Occupancy Licence for the MTB 3 course and an Aquatic Licence for the water-based legs; to Triathlon NSW for sanctioning the event; and last but not least to members and friends of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team of Australia, New Zealand and Mongolia for their sleepless service.

    Enjoy these superb photos from a memorable day.

    See you next year!

  • 2016 Mar 6th
    2016: Steve Hanley's team report "32 Flavours"

    In 2016, Steve Hanley's team "32 Flavours" was a Mixed team of 3. Here are his photos from the day...

  • 2015 Mar 15th
    Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic, Jindabyne – 15 March 2015

    The Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic is a splendid celebration in a magical location. The 9th running of this epic event showcased rare athleticism, dauntless determination, high-spirited enthusiasm and smiles aplenty.

    Congratulations to all who took part as Solo Athletes, relay team members, officials and helpers in any capacity, all combining as an orchestra in a sporting symphony both marvellous and memorable.

    Race of the day belongs to Tim Boote, who came in 8th outright amongst all the teams and set a new Course Record for Solo Athletes (over the post-2007 course) of 10:08:53. Tim exuded calm and focus throughout, seeming as fresh at the finish line as he had for the 6.45am start from Kalkite – an exceptional sporting performance from a gracious winner.

    Graham Hammell (11:07:54) and Cameron Darragh (11:28:29) were also magnificent in conquering such an enormous feat of endurance, strength, skill and inner fortitude.

    Quickest team were the former record holders (from 2010) “Get Stuffed” (James Crook, David Coward, Jarrod Crosby and Danny Wright), whose combined time of 8:40:36 proved 32 minutes faster than the field.

    New records were established for various legs including Joe Andrews’ 23:38 for the 2nd paddle; Laura Marshall’s 32:48 and Danny Wright’s 24:27 for the 2nd bike; and Steve Ward’s 17:20 for the 3rd swim.

    Our deep gratitude goes to Andrew Miller (Kosciuszko National Park); Jenny Crowe (Snowy Hydro); Nipun Patterson; June Westwood; Les Threlfo and the Volunteer Marine Rescue (NSW); Craig Stonestreet & Paul Gardiner (MTB tracks); Rick Scott (Snowy River Shire Council); Aiden Machin (sweep MTB); Tim Davoli & Soren Netz (paddle support); Sam Morabito (NSW Police); Karl Brough (NSW Roads & Maritime Service); Tom Roberts (Sports Medicine Australia); special guest helpers Mr Lee, Sue & Duy; “My Rainbow-Dreams” cafe; and Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team volunteers from London, Bucharest, Ulan Baatar, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra.

    A fine photo album from around the transitions captures multifarious moods and memories of the day.

  • 2014 Mar 2nd
    2014: Steve Hanley's team report "32 Flavours"

    In 2014, Steve's Hanley's team "32 Flavours" incarnated as an All-Male team of 4, to take out the course record for their category. Read his report with photos.