Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival

Lake Burley Griffin Canberra

A complete weekend of triathlon, with races for everyone

Races for children, novices and experienced athletes
Safe, scenic, enjoyable courses
Canberra's oldest triathlon event, established in 1984
Set around the sublime Yarralumla Bay

About the event

The 31st edition of the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival in Canberra was held from Black Mountain Peninsula on 2 & 3 November in 2013. The total triathlon package, with 4 races of varying distances: a sumptuous banquet of triathlon for athletes and spectators - from a Children's race, Novice event, to Sprint and Olympic distances.

This landmark event is presently enjoying a asbbatical.  We hope to bring this event back in a few years time.

All the action revolves around the lovely Yarralumla Bay, utilising Canberra's superb network of roads and lakeside running trails. All races are open to solo athletes and relay teams of 2 or 3 members. The best courses, friendly service, great atmosphere... triathlon racing at its finest.

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Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon – 80m swim/3.5km bike/800m run

    • Saturday 1pm

Sri Chinmoy Joyathon – 200m swim/7km bike/2km run

    • Saturday 2pm

Sri Chinmoy Sprint Triathlon – 500m swim/20km bike/5km run

    • Saturday 3.30pm

Sri Chinmoy 'Classic' Tri – 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run

    • Sunday 8am


Prachar Stegemann
(02) 6241-2779 or 0404 071-327
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The races and courses

One of Australia's premier Olympic distance events, run concurrently with the Sri Chinmoy Peace Triathlon.  A race rich in atmosphere and bound to satisfy on every level.

View the course map and description.

The Sri Chinmoy Sprint Triathlon has been a favourite for nearly 2 decades, for its fast course and famous service. Target the course records of World Champions from the '90s - Greg Welch and Michellie Jones, or be happy in the significant achievement of finishing this great event.

View the course map and description.

A race designed for novices and all those looking for an adrenalin rush before Sunday's longer races. Either race all 3 legs solo, or get a team of friends or workmates together to try one leg each - the swim, the cycle, the run. As the name suggests, it's all about participation and fun.   Special age category awards for under 17s.

View the course map and description.

The Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon caters to children under 13.   Age divisions for solo athletes are Under 9, 9-10, and 11-12. Divisions for teams are calculated on combined age of the team members.

View the course map and description.

Event Information

It is essential that you confirm your entry at Registration. If you do not collect your race pack at Registration, you will not be able to race.

If you cannot attend Registration at the designated time, you may arrange for someone else to register for you, providing that person brings a note signed by you, authorising that person to register on your behalf. In the case of Teams, only one team member need attend Registration.

Registration for each event is at the following times:
Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon
Saturday 2 November, from 11.30 am.
Sri Chinmoy Joyathon (Open)
Saturday 2 November, from 11.30 am.
Sri Chinmoy Sprint Triathlon
Saturday 2 November, 11.30 am - 3 pm.
Sri Chinmoy 'Classic' Tri
Saturday 2 November, 11.30 am - 3 pm, or between 6 am and 7 am on Sunday 3 November.

When you come to Registration, collect your race pack. The Race Pack is an envelope, with a label identifying your:
name/team name
race number
wave number
wave start-time
cap colour
The race pack contains:
swim cap, waterproof race number (2 for teams), pins

When you collect your race pack, please ensure that you have everything you need and that the information is correct.

All events of the Festival are run in compliance with
Triathlon Australia's Race Competition Rules.

In all races, courses will remain open so long as organisers consider the athletes still on the course will finish safely and in a reasonable time. If a course is to be closed for any reason, the athletes still on the course will be informed of the decision.

A guide to equipment used in triathlon.

Swim - The wearing of swim caps is mandatory. These will be provided to each swimmer in the Registration Packs. Wetsuits will be permitted at the discretion of the Triathlon Australia Technical Delegate, in accordance with Triathlon Australia guidelines pertaining to water temperature.

Cycle - Each Individual and each Team Cyclist will need a bicycle. It can be of any description - road bike, mountain bike etc, and should be roadworthy. It is the athlete's responsibility to have a safe bike. The wearing of a safety standards approved helmet is compulsory. Each cyclist must wear the race number pinned to the front of their clothing, or a number belt is acceptable.

Run - Proper running shoes are recommended. Each runner must wear a singlet or T-shirt, with the race number pinned to the front. Females who wish to complete the entire course in their swim costume may do so, provided the race number is affixed. A number belt is acceptable.

NB. The race number must be worn on the front of every competitor, and should be clearly visible for the timers to check at the timing positions.

Please note: Under TA Race Competition Rules competitors are responsible for their own safety, the safety of their equipment and the safety of others, and for complying with the equipment rules relating to bicycles and helmets. Your helmet will be checked for fit and compliance with safety standards on entry to the compound. Visual inspections of bicycles and helmets will be undertaken by technical officials with regard to compliance with the rules. Any equipment which does not comply with the rules will be removed and the competitor will not be permitted to continue in the race.

Early November can already be very hot in Canberra.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your race.  Use sun screen, wear a hat and cover up at all times.

For all accommodation enquiries, call Canberra Getaways on 1300 733 228 or visit (link is external)

If driving from interstate, approaching from the north, follow the Federal Highway, which becomes Northbourne Avenue. Follow Northbourne Ave towards the city centre, but before you arrive at the city centre, turn right onto Barry Drive.  After 2 or 3 sets of lights, turn left onto Clunies Ross St, which after passing under Parkes Way, becomes Lady Denman Drive.  Continue along Lady Denman Drive until you see the turn-off into Black Mountain Peninsula, onto Garryowen Drive on your left.  Look for parking anywhere you can along Black Mountain Peninsula.  The bike compound is at the end of John Cardiff Close.


If driving from the south, follow Commonwealth Ave over Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, then take the exit on your left to Parkes Way, (westbound).  Follow Parkes Way through the short tunnel, then take the exit to Black Mountain Peninsula, onto Lade Denman Drive.  Turn left onto Lady Denman Drive and continue until you see the turn-off into Black Mountain Peninsula, onto Garryowen Drive on your left.  Look for parking anywhere you can along Black Mountain Peninsula.  The bike compound is at the end of John Cardiff Close.

Check Where Is (link is external) for more detailed intructions

When you arrive at the course...

After registering and collecting your race pack, there are two things you must do upon arriving at the course:

Present your race number to the officials at the bike compound (after having your helmet checked), who will direct you to rack your bike in the numbered rack corresponding to your race number. Place all the gear you will need on the ground beside your bike, on the right side.

Then present your race number to the officials, to have your race number written on the back of your left hand. Please do not write your number on yourself, as different styles of writing can be very confusing to officials.

There is adequate parking along Garryowen Drive and in the car parks along Black Mountain Peninsula.

However please be warned that Garryowen Dr will be closed for the duration of the Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon, between abotu 1 pm and 1.30 pm on Saturday, so any cars parked there will not be able to leave until after the road has been reopened upon the completion of the race.

Please be aware that the following road closures will be in effect during the Festival.

between Hopetoun Circuit and the eastern entrance to the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club.
TIME: from 12.45 pm to 4.30 pm.
between Hopetoun Circuit and the eastern entrance to the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club.
TIME: from 7.40 am to 11 am.

Delicious healthy vegetarian food, drinks, protein and energy supplements...

... hot & cold and sweet & savoury snacks, and a range of beverages will be available from the food marquee at the finish area, until sold out.

The bicycle compound will be your 'home base' for the duration of the race.

The bicycle compound will open one and a half hours prior to each race start. Please note that only athletes showing their official race number are permitted to enter the bicycle compound before and after the race.

About 10 minutes prior to the race start, the compound will be closed and all competitors are required to exit the compound at this time. After this the compound is off limits except to make the transitions from swim to bike and bike to run, until athletes are notified that they may collect their bikes from the compound (usually after all athletes have competed the cycle course).

To remove your bike after the race you will need your race number.

Spectators are not allowed in transition at all and we advise Competitors (and competitors' parents) that transition is closed until the last cyclist is in and the Race Referee announces that it is open. Also if a bike is required to be removed prior to transition being open this is to be arranged before race start with the Race Referee or Race Director (who will advise the Race Referee).

The swim will start in several waves. You will be advised which wave you will start in at Registration.

For the Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon and Sri Chinmoy 'Classic' Tri, the composition of each wave is determined by age group and gender. Waves for the Sri Chinmoy Joyathon and Sri Chinmoy Sprint Triathlon are determined by gender only.

In all races, women's (girl's) waves and men's (boy's) waves are separate, with Teams comprising an additional wave or waves.
The spacing of the waves in all races will be determined by the timing officials on the day of the race.

Do not be tempted to swap your swim cap for another colour, as your swim cap colour determines which wave you will start in.

Please wait at the side of the beach start compound until your particular wave is called. You will be called to the start by start time, age group, or swim cap colour. Please note that everyone in your wave will have the same colour swim cap.

The swim course will be attended by a team of safety canoeists.

If you get into difficulty during the swim, raise your arm. You may rest on a canoe before continuing your swim, as long as you are not towed forward by the canoe. Medical personnel will be situated on shore.

The designated changeover area for Teams is within the bicycle compound.

Once the swimmer exits the water, he or she runs up the chute to enter the compound, passing the timing officials, to the cyclist next to their bike rack in the presence of the changeover marshals.

The cyclist departs, the swimmer leaves the compound, and the runner enters the compound to await the cyclist's return.

Once the cyclist has returned and racked his or her bike, the runner is then tagged in the presence of the changeover marshals and allowed to depart. The cyclist must then exit the compound.

All races will be attended by the Festival medical team.

The medical tent is situated adjacent to the athlete recovery area in the finishing compound. Please present yourself to the medical crew if you feel distressed in any way.

The timing system for all races will require that each athlete display their race number prominently and visibly on the front of their apparel at all times.

Numbers will be written on the back of the left hand of each swimmer, while the cyclist and runner must wear the allocated race number on the front of their race vest. For female athletes wearing a 2-piece racing ensemble, it is permitted to wear the race number written on the midriff. Please note that athletes may NOT write their own numbers on themselves - these MUST be written on by race officials immediately after check-in prior to the race..

Awards Ceremonies will be held no later than the following times. All presentations will be made at Yarralumla Bay. Please attend the presentation if you feel you may have won an award, or arrange for a friend to collect your award on your behalf.

Saturday 2 November at Black Mountain Peninsula

2.15 pm am Sri Chinmoy Junior Joyathon
3 pm Sri Chinmoy Joyathon (Open)
5.30 pm Sri Chinmoy Sprint Triathlon

Sunday 3 November at Black Mountain Peninsula
10.30 am Sri Chinmoy 'Classic' Tri

Full results, including split times (swim, cycle and run) and full open and age category placings for all races will be posted on this site either the same day, or the day after each race.

Provisional results will be displayed at the Awards Ceremony for each race.

Just in case...

From time to time Canberra's lakes, like all inland water bodies, may be affected by various natural phenomena such as blue-green algae or bacteria. All of the lakes are tested regularly and rigorously, and certain areas are subject to closure if the levels of any potentially harmful organisms rise above certain standard measures.

In the event that the swimming area at Yarralumla Bay is closed for swimming at the time of the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival, contingency plans are in place to ensure that the event will proceed either elsewhere in Lake Burley Griffin or in one of Canberra's other lakes.

In this eventuality, not only the swim courses, but also the cycle and run courses would be amended according to the new start/finish location. The advertised distances and start times may also be changed.

Advice of any such change would be posted on this website as soon as it became known.

Nevertheless, if an alternate course cannot be found and approved in time, duathlons will be staged.