Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims

Yarralumla Bay swimming beach Canberra

Choose from 3 options - 5km, 2.5km and 500m

Canberra's oldest lake swims, held since 1987
Held in the beautiful surrounds of Yarralumla Bay
Suitable for recreational and serious swimmers
Friendly, supportive atmosphere
Well-marked, easy to navigate courses
Post-race pancake breakfast
Trophies for age group placegetters in 5km and 2.5km swims
Junior categories for 500m race
Full results published online same day

About the event

The Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims offer 3 distance options: 5km, 2.5km and 500m.

The swims are intended as a true test of swimming ability and skill, for swimmers not wearing wetsuits. Hence Awards are presented only to those swimmers who complete the event without wearing a wetsuit. Swimmers may wear wetsuits if they desire, though they will not be eligible for Awards. Results of all finishers will be published on this website, with the wearers of wetsuits noted in a separate section.

In addition, in late November or early December each year, the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim is staged along the full 10km length of Lake Burley Griffin for solo swimmers and relay teams of 4.



    • 8.10am
    • $15 until 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • $20 after 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • Add $5 one-race licence fee (per entry) for non TA members
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    • 8.05am
    • $25 until 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • $35 after 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • Add $5 one-race licence fee (per entry) for non TA members
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    • 8am
    • $35 until 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • $45 after 5 pm, Mon 6 February
    • Add $5 one-race licence fee (per entry) for non TA members
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Award Categories

Awards are presented in the following categories:

5 km and 2.5 km Lake Swims
Male and Female Under 50: 1st place to 3rd place
Male and Female 50 - 59: 1st place to 3rd place
Male and Female 60 - 69: 1st and 2nd place
Male and Female 70 and over: 1st place

500 m Lake Swim
Boys and Girls Under 13: 1st to 3rd place
Boys and Girls Under 17: 1st to 3rd place
Male and Female 17 and over: 1st to 3rd place

Course Records

Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
500 metres Under 13 Henry Palmerlee 8:05 26/2/2012 Elizabeth Wigney 8:57 8/3/2015
500 metres Under 17 Oscar Johnston 8:06 21/2/2016 Elizabeth Wigney 7:50 19/2/2017
500 metres 17 and Over Wayne Miller 8:00 10/2/2013 Ursula Ditton 8:52 10/2/2013
2.5 km Under 50 Tyler O'Keefe 34:32 20/2/2022 Grace Hoitink 35:41 18/2/2018
2.5 km 50 - 59 John Fox 35:40 19/2/2017 Anne Smyth 40:25 21/2/2016
2.5 km 60 - 69 Tim Booth 43:27 26/2/2012 Anne Smyth 45:14 20/2/2022
2.5 km 70 and Over Trevor Scott 46:23 20/2/2022 Helen Rubin 1:25:10 19/2/2023
5 km Under 50 Benjamin Freeman 1:04:53 19/2/2017 Jenna Freeman 1:10:12 8/3/2015
5 km 50 - 59 Mark Wieland 1:17:29 10/2/2013 Nicolee Martin 1:28:51 20/2/2022
5 km 60 - 69 Graeme Wolfenden 1:34:16 19/2/2017 Suzie Gunning 1:35:08 19/2/2023
5 km 70 and Over Russell Wenholtz 2:00:00 26/2/2012      


Previous Results

  • 2023 Feb 19th
    Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims, Canberra, Sunday 19 February 2023

    Like a vagabond, the Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims has roamed from place to place for several years, so it was with a welcome sense of homecoming to hoist the banner alongside the Sri Chinmoy “Dreamer of Peace” statue, and see swimmers toe the water once more at Yarralumla Bay swimming beach.

    The lake has never appeared more welcoming than on this morning, a placid surface beckoning under a sky of languid blue. With ever-increasing traffic enjoying the lake on a perfect Sunday morning, and to shepherd the field as closely as possible, a 1.25km loop was selected for the occasion – swum twice for the 2.5km swim and 4 times for the 5km race, which was first to take the plunge.

    In the men’s race, 17-year-old William Aikman was unchallenged from the start, swimming in clear water with decisive strokes to claim the laurel wreath in an impressive 1:15:45. Next home was local hero, Perry Blackmore, his 1:20:07 taking out the Male 50-59 category. Next home was champion swimmer Michael Brennan with 1:25:12, from Peter Debeljakovic’s 1:27:54. Vincent Dunn took 2nd place in the M50-59 with 1:31:14, with Balarka Robinson 3rd in 1:35:49. Matt Carkeet was first home in the M60-69 with 1:40:34.

    Beth Bryan swam a beautifully controlled race to take out the women’s event in 1:24:10, from Emily Kempson with 1:29:57. Susie Gunning swam a marvellous race to take 3rd among all the women and establish a new course record in the F60-69 of 1:35:08 – just in front of Janelle Ahern who was first amongst F50-59s with 1:35:34, ahead of 2nd placed Kerry-Ann Michels with 1:41:19 and Susan Henderson in 2:05:13. The ever-green Janet Gorst took 2nd in the F60-69 with 1:53:59.

    The 2-lap race was next to set sail, and proved a much closer contest - Kipp Kaufman, drawing away in the end to take line honours with 35:04 from 2nd placed Cameron Boland with 35:46 and Gregory Smart’s 38:14. Andrew Dawes led the Male 50-59 category with 41:32, from Peter Thorley’s 42:59 and Aston Duncan with 47:46. Grant Thomas took out the M60-69 with 48:48 from Alex Gosman’s 49:12 and Craig Kentwell with 49:43; while Terry Dixon carried the banner for the Male 70 and Over with 58:15.

    Melanie Wellenberg was a fine 3rd outright in the race, while winning the women’s event in 37:21, from 2nd placed Tara Olsthoorn with 40:21 and Sabrina Moir in 41:51. Monica Lindemann was best among the F50-59 with 55:54, followed by Tina Woodward’s 57:12. The immortal Anne Smyth won the F60-69 with a fine 46:42, from Belinda Robinson’s 1:00:49; while Helen Rubin set a new record for the Women 70 and Over in the 2.5km swim with 1:25:10.

    The 500 metre sprint race was won by Stephen Blake for the men in 9:38, from Sebastian Cox with 9:52 and Hannes Hollmann in 9:54; while Mikaela Cooper claimed the women’s race with 9:30, from Amanda Coggins in 10:41 and Heather Lansdowne’s 10:45.

  • 2022 Feb 20th
    Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims, Sunday 20 February 2022

    A perfect morning for the Sri Chinmoy 5km, 2.5km and 500m lake swims at Yarralumla Bay.  The water was silky smooth and the skies were clear.  Close to 100 swimmers arrived to test out the waters and their abilities over the three distances, affording everyone an opportunity to feel the thrill of racing again!

    Our 5km warriors set off first, tackling 4 laps of the 1.25km course, giving us all at the shore a thrill as they came motoring in each time to start their next lap.  The clear leader from the start was Harry Braddick, with a swimming style that was a joy to watch as he approached the shore to finish in a time of 1:08:35. 2nd place went to James Waldersee in a great time of 1:21:38 and not far behind him Peter Debeljakovic in 1:24:35.  In the women's under 50 category, Emi Cashman took out the honours in a time of 1:16:01 and also comfortably claimed second overall, emerging from the water looking fresh and strong.  Second place went to Orlanda Sexton in 1:24:26 and third place to Ashleigh Webb in a time of 1:26:35.

    Nicolee Martin swam one of the performances of the day to set a new course record for the Female 50-59 in the 5km race, with a fine 1:28:51; while Janet Gorst continued her stirling form in the F60-69 with 1:50:10. Perry Blackmore won the M50-59 category in 1:20:55; while Graeme Wolfenden took out the M60-69 in 1:36:42.

    In the 2.5km race, Tyler O'Keefe led from the start, with a course record time of 34:32!!  No wonder when second place Gregory Smart came in with the excellent showing of 37:34, he hadn't seen Tyler even out in the distance.  Third place went to Billy Nicoletti in 45:02.  We might be able to see course record for the Sri Chinmoy National Capital 10km Length of the Lake being broken later this year, if Tyler gets a team together.

    Taking out the Women's 2.5km event, Megan O'Neill won in 43:36, with Amy Dwyer coming in 2nd with 45:35, followed close behind by third place Kim Louw in a time of 46:27.

    Our Men's 70 and over record in the 2.5km was also smashed today with Trevor Scott's time of 46:23,  taking over two and a half minutes from the previous course record set in 2016.  

    Anne Smyth who currently holds the record for the Women's 50-59 in the 2.5km can now add a new record to her name.  Anne won the Women's 60-69 race in the 2.5km in 45:14, taking a whooping 7 minutes off the previous record time.

    In our sprint race today over 500m, first place in the Male 17 and over went to Jeremy Chen, in a time of 10:32, followed closely by Greg Little in 10:52, with third place going to Toby Smith in a time of 12:23. The Women 17 and over first place went to Heather Lansdowne in 10:15, second going to Brittany Meers  in 11:08 and third to Lucy Jesiolowski in a time of 12:44.

    Much gratitude to all for coming to enjoy a morning out on the lake, test your fitness and enjoy some great company, we look forward to seeing you all at our next race.

  • 2021 Feb 21st
    Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims, Lake Ginninderra, Sunday 21 February 2021

    With a last-minute change of location to Lake Ginninderra, Canberra compensated with the most perfect conditions for the annual swimming races today – calm, flat, warm water in picture-postcard surrounds…

    The 5km swimmers started first on this 1.25km loop. As the lead pack came in after one lap, you could see how competitive the field was, with 4 swimmers neck and neck, generating excitement along the shore line as Jarrod Poort broke away from the Wieland brothers to take out the race in a fantastic time of 1.02.06, a close second going to Ned Wieland in 1:02:15, with brother Duke Wieland third in 1:02:26.  Matt Carkeet dominated the Male 50-59 in a time of 1:39:54; while Graeme Wolfenden took out the Male 60-69 in 1:35:49.

    The women's race was dominated by Nicolee Martin from the women 50-59s, taking not only 1st place in this category, but also 1st place outright in a time of 1:29:39, with 2nd place in this category also taking 2nd outright – well done to Suzie Gunning in 1:31:10.  First in the women's under 50 was claimed by Melissa Joy in a great time of 1:31:56, second going to Janelle Ahem in 1:33:34 and third to Jasmine Delaney in 1:53:36.  Janet Gorst took out the female 60-69 in an excellent 1:50:25.

    In the 2.5km race we had another sprint finish with Guy Boland taking the 1st place in a time of 36:10, Gregory Smart taking second place in 36:19 and third going to Joseph Lovie-Toon in 45:30.  A special mention to Glen Sturesteps who was in the wetsuited category, but probably played a significant role in pushing the field along, finishing just 2 seconds behind Guy in 36:12. 

    Andrew Dawes took out the 1st place Male 50-59 in a swift 39:38; while Phil Aungles took out the Male 60-69 with 50.18.

    In the women's 2.5km race, Megan Keil won in a time of 40.43, second going to Shannon Kellett in 42:39 and third to Emily Stacey with 43:57.  In the Female 50-59 category, Ann Reid came in first in 48:07 with Anne Smyth comfortably winning the 60-69s in a sizzling 46:22.

    Our sprint race started with an enthusiastic field of swimmers with quick, fun and fast out and back course.  The outright winner of the race in a close head to head with some other competitors was Rebecca Tiley in 10 minutes flat, in the girls under 17s.  Second overall and 1st in the Female 17 and Over went to Brigette Bragg in 10.03, while 3rd overall and first in the Male 17 and Over was claimed by Alistair Buttimore in a time of 10:09. It was a great finish to watch!

    Congratulations to all swimmers who made it along to compete: a beautiful day was enjoyed by all. We look forward to welcoming you all at our next event

  • 2020 Feb 23rd
    Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims, Acton Ferry Terminal, Canberra, Sunday 23 February 2020

    Anyone who faced Shane Warne bowling in his prime will appreciate the varied challenges facing Canberra’s open-water swimmers and event organisers alike. The vagaries and fluctuations of water quality in our lakes and rivers constantly surprise, flummox and test the fortitude, equanimity and flexibility as much as any wrong-un or flipper served up by the Sheikh of Tweak himself.

    Fortunately, adaptability is a prime quality of endurance athletes, so the shaded glade alongside the old Ferry Terminal at Acton overlooking a glass-tabletop lake welcomed an intimate, relaxed and grateful gathering to fully savour these rare conditions at one of the only beaches in the ACT open to swimming on this glorious morning. A 1.25km triangular course nestled neatly in the placid bay between Commonwealth Ave Bridge and the National Museum with no wind or traffic of any kind made for a clear, easily navigable route.

    Michael Brennan interrupted his morning long training ride to swim 5km, as part of his training for the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic in Jindabyne 2 weeks from now – and duly set a blistering early pace to establish enough of a lead to win in 1:19:07, and hold off the challenge from a strong Cristhian Molendowski in 1:19:48, with Brendon Tasker finishing 3rd with 1:32:52. Lloyd Dobson meanwhile took out the Male 50-59 (and 3rd outright) in 1:27:13; Bob Welldon the Male 60-69 with 1:50:04; and the indefatigable Terry Dixon the Male 70 and Over, moments after Bob in 1:51:16.

    Janelle Ahern was fastest among the women 5km swimmers, taking line honours with a smooth 1:34:34 from the consistent Laura Marshall in 1:42:33 and Claire Stutchbury with 1:51:45. Tricia Bowman won the Female 50-59 in 1:41:19; and Janet Gorst the Female 60-69 with 1:58:48.

    The 2-lap 2.5km swim saw an impressive win in the Under 50 men’s race from Greg Smart with 38:03, from Chris Boardman’s 46:01 and Max Heffernan in 46:57. Andrew Dawes took 2nd outright however, in winning the Male 50-59 in 39:53, ahead of Steve Whan 3rd outright with his 42:05. Alex Gosman added to his historical trophy haul, taking home the Male 60-69 with 48:29 in a close-run race from Tim Booth’s 48:54; while the seemingly-immortal Geoff Llewellyn continued showing us all what a true champion is, the oldest participant in winning the Male 70 and Over in 1:26:44.

    Winner of the women’s race was Anne Smyth, from the Female 50-59 category in a fine 44:37, with 2nd place Ann Reid also from the F50-59 in 48:38. Fastest among the Undefr50 women came Jolin Edmondson in a solid 48:43, ahead of Carolyn McLaren with 52:47 and Julie-Ann Guivarra in 55:49. Claire Wall took out the Female 60-69 with 1:14:08.

    Gianni Bonansea was too swift for all comers in the 500 metre race, winning outright from the Boys Under 17 category in 9:47. Fiona Butler took out the Female 17 and Over in 10:16; and Sean Mullins the Male 17 and Over with 12:04.