Sri Chinmoy 10km/4km Fun-Runs

Acton Park, Canberra

A bi-annual, lakeside fun-run

Scenic, central lakeside locale
Post-race pancake breakfast for all
Established, measured, marked course
Medals for top placegetters

About the event

Since 1984, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has conducted 10 km and 4 km Fun-Runs along the popular signposted Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running course on the cycle path along the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin, starting and finishing at Acton Park.

These race are often staged on public holidays. Dates for the 2024 Fun-Runs are Monday 11 March (Canberra Day) and Monday 7 October (Labour Day).

Entries can be made online until 6 pm of the Friday prior to race day.

On-the-day registration, race number bIb collection and late entries are available between 6am and 6.40am at Acton Park.




A family atmosphere includes post-race breakfast and awards presentation.

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Sri Chinmoy 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra

A twice-annual run along shared pathways alongside beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, on the signposted Sri Chinmoy 10km Recreational Running Course.




    • 7.05am
    • $13 online untill 6pm Friday 4 October
    • $20 on the day


Prachar Stegemann
0404 071 327
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Award categories

  • 10km: 1st to 7th M & F Under 50; 1st to 3rd M & F 50-59; 1st and 2nd M & F 60-69; 1st M & F 70+
  • 4km: 1st to 3rd M & F Under 13; 1st to 3rd M & F Under 17; 1st to 3rd M & F 17+

Race records

The Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running Course has been in use for races in Canberra since 1984.  The following are course records established for the 10 km and 4 km courses since 2004.

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Joshua Torley 15:00 5/10/2009 Jordyne Rauter 15:35 9/3/2015
4 km Under 17 Daniel Randall 13:50 13/3/2023 Sarah Lonsdale 15:13 5/10/2009
4 km 17 and Over Stuart Doyle 13:23 6/10/2008 Hannah Walmsley 15:50 9/3/2015
10 km Under 50 Harrison McCGill 31:23 16/2/2020 Jackie Fairweather 36:29 2/10/2005
10 km 50 - 59 Greg Regester 37:07 1/10/2012 Maria O'Reilly 43:58 28/3/2005
10 km 60-69 Peter Kallio 41:26 2/10/2005 Jennifer Kellett 47:35 11/3/2024
10 km 70 and Over Trevor Jacobs 49:09 2/10/2023 Caroline Campbell 58:21 9/3/2015


While works were being conducted around Acton Foreshore, a second course was being used at Lake Ginninderra in Belconnen, starting and finishing alongside Bimbi Beach. These records are for this course, in use occasionally since October 2020.

Distance Age Category Male Time Date Female Time Date
4 km Under 13 Alex Fillingham 16:37 14/2/2021 Lara McClelland 20:46 5/10/2020
4 km Under 17 Xavier Quispes 14:04 14/2/2021 Hannah Quispes 22:04 5/10/2020
4 km 17 and Over Kael Hulin 14:26 14/2/2021 Jordyne Rauter 17:21 5/10/2020
10 km Under 50 Travis Haslam 33:47 14/2/2021 Katie Porra 38:46 14/2/2021
10 km 50 - 59 Matt Rizzuto 36:38 13/2/2022 Bron Adams 49:21 14/2/2021
10 km 60-69 Ron Schwebel 44:45 5/10/2020 Elizabeth Simpson 47:08 14/2/2021
10 km 70 and Over Peter Clarke 46:05 14/2/2021 Susan Archer 54:39 5/10/2020

Previous Results

  • 2024 Mar 11th
    Sri Chinmoy Canberra Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Monday 11 March, 2024

    Monday saw our long-held Canberra Day race arrive once again, this time an hour earlier, starting at 7am. This happily coincided with the Canberra Balloon Spectacular, and the dawn sky was filled with colourful bulbous hot air balloons as the race began. Spectators crowded the lake shore and even the lake itself to get a glimpse of these levitating leviathans. 

    In the 4km event, Kim Wilmshurst had the fastest overall time with 16:50.

    The fastest male was Adam Duiationkey (18:37), the only entrant in his under 13 boy's category!

    Sarah King won the women's 10km race overall in 39:27.

     Daniel Carson in the men's under 50 ran a fast 10km time for this course, in 35:08.

    Thanks to all the competitors in the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Day Fun-Runs, and we hope to see you at the first race in our upcoming trail series, the “Cooleman Clip”, on 28 April.

  • 2023 Oct 2nd
    Sri Chinmoy Labour Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Monday 2 October 2023

    Living in Canberra, we are spoiled. Sometimes it takes a runner visiting from out of town, or from overseas, to remark – “What amazing trails you have here!” or “How I wish we had such a lovely run around the lake in my town!” – to remind us how fortunate we are. Truth be told, the Sri Chinmoy 10km Recreational Running Course could have been located in a dozen different places around 3 alternate lakes: all would draw similar exclamations of wonder and praise.

    Next year, 2024 will mark the 40th anniversary of the first public Sri Chinmoy 10km Fun-Run on this Acton course, so a celebration is surely on the cards. Nevertheless, each time we run is a celebration, an offering of gratitude for this simplest expression of wellbeing, happiness and progress – of life.

    The stand-out performance today capped a sensational year for Trevor Jacobs, who in winning the 10km M70+ in 49:09, smashed an age group record which had stood for 18 years, and collected his 7th age group record from as many Sri Chinmoy races in 2023! (the Lennox Gardens 5-mile race, today's Acton 10km, and all 5 of the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Series events).

    Zac Rosser led the 10km men’s race from the get-go and never looked back, running confidently to win in 34:33, from Andrew Lake’s 35:33 and 3rd placed Daniel Cook in 37:10.

    4th and 5th places outright were taken by the first 2 women, with Alexandria Nicholls (37:13) and Rachel Waters (37:41) eating up the hills to run the fastest times on this course in several years, followed by 3rd placed Sarah King in 41:12.

    Debra Kay claimed the glory in the Female 50-59 category with 49:14, from Sarah Fien’s 50:57, and Jodi Coppin’s 57:06. In the F60-69, Clare Wall reigned supreme with 54:03, ahead of Liz Simpfendorfer with 55:01 and Manqin Xu in 58:44.

    In the Male 50-59, Andrew Carson was swiftest on the day in 41:50, from Andrew Leigh MP’s 42:03, and Andrew Dempster with 42:42. Keith Bennett took out the M60-69 with 50:09, with Peter Simpfendorfer in 55:02 and Chris Lamb in 55:52.

    The 4km race was fast (but not furious), with Daniel McIernan gliding to victory from the Male 17+ category in 15:06, ahead of Dominic Torley’s 15:41 (also taking 1st place in the Boys Under 17). Alli Welsford won the female race outright from the Girls Under 13s in 20:49, just edging out Sibylla Muecke’s 20:51, which was fastest of the F17+ category.

  • 2023 Mar 13th
    Sri Chinmoy Canberra Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Monday 13 March, 2023

    Canberra Day held a special significance this morning as the 2023 Australian edition of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run concluded its journey from Brisbane. The Torch was carried on its final leg by a small team, including ACT Peace Run Patron Andrew Leigh, Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury and Federal member for the Canberra seat of Fenner; and long-time Peace Run supporter, ACT Attorney General, Shane Rattenbury. Both Andrew and Shane then joined the field for the 10km run.

    Michael Daly showed the field a clean pair of heels in the men’s 10km race, winning in an impressive 33:12, from Daniel Carson’s 34:49 and Kodi Clarkson with 35:03. Aston Duncan set one of the fastest times ever in the Male 50-59 with his fine 37:39, taking this competitive category from Andrew Leigh’s 40:09 and Jeff Grey in 40:12. The closest finish came in the Male 60-69 where Kim Houghton’s 44:47 was just good enough to cover the fine run of 44:49 from Collin Acton; while Peter Badowski took out the Male 70 and Over with 1:02:18.

    The women’s race saw a good win from Sarah King, winning in 40:31, with 2nd placed Lili Mooney not far behind in 40:50, from Rebecca Lin with 42:38. Sarah Fien was fastest in the Female 50-59s with an impressive 47:10, from Renee Wolford in 52:23 and Debra Kay with 53:03. Evergreen Clare Wall claimed the Female 60-69 crown with 49:17, from Pam Muston (52:32); while Julie Bell took home the Female 70 and Over award with 1:07:37.

    The 4km race saw the largest field ever assembled at this event for this distance.

    Daniel Randall was the overall winner from the Boys Under 17 category, in a sizzling 13:50 – a new age group record – ahead of a thrilling sprint finish in the Male 17 and Over, with Xavier Quispes (14:02) edging out Jonathan Fearn (14:03). Ashley Evans was a clear winner in the Boys Under 13 with 18:26.

    Kim Wilmshurst was fastest finisher in the women’s race with 17:07; while Alli Westwood took out the Girls Under 13s in 22;21; and Isla Moore the Girls Under 17 with 23:10.

    Our gratitude to Robert de Castella for presenting the awards this morning. At the conclusion of the awards presentations, the Peace Run team sang Sri Chinmoy’s Peace Run song, and on behalf of the Peace Run team, Susan Marshall, winner of last year’s Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race (the world’s longest footrace), then presented the Peace Run Torch-Bearer Award to local running legend, Pam Muston. See the Peace Run website for a full report.

    The Peace Torch was then symbolically handed to Mick Mudford, representing the Indigenous Marathon Foundation. Mick will now bring the Peace Torch to the Aussie Peace Walk, to be held around Canberra on the weekend of 25 & 26 March.

  • 2022 Oct 3rd
    Sri Chinmoy Labour Day 10km & 4km Fun-Runs, Canberra, Monday 3 October, 2022

    Perfect weather greeted us at Lake Ginninderra this morning. Blue skies reflected in flat glassy waters, without a breath of wind about. The chilly 2 degrees soon warmed to an agreeable 10-ish degrees, making for excellent running weather. Sure, the grass was a little long at the Bimbi Beach starting line, but that didn't matter once the athletes hit the bitumen path.

    The outright winner of the 4km race was the young Alex Fillingham, a feat that was mirrored when his father Kane won the 10km event (36.14).

    Laura Ramboer was first woman in the 4km in 17.47, and Georgina Pembroke was first in the 10km in 40.32.

    A large contingent of Achilles runners and guides turned out today to support both events.

    Congratulations to all competitors at Lake Ginninderra today.